What Does OBGYN Stand For? When Should I Seek Help?

In case you are wondering what OBGYN stand for, you are in the right place. After reading this article, you will know what OBGYN stand for and when should you visit your OBGYN Doctor. OBGYN stands for obstetrics and gynecology. It comprises two interdependent fields...

Breech Presentation – Risk Factors & Managment

Definition of Breech presentation Breech presentation is when the buttock of the fetus enters to pelvis before heading of the baby. It comprises of 3 - 4% of singleton delivery at term. What are the risk factors? Risk factors can be fetal or maternal. Fetal risk...

Premature rupture of membrane (PROM)

Premature rupture of membrane (PROM) is a membrane rupture that occurs before the onset of labor. Its incidence is 8 – 10%.

Placental Abruption – Definition, Risk factors, and Management

Placental abruption or abruptio placenta is a detachment of the normally implanted placenta after a period of viability but before the baby is born.

Rh Incompatibility – Why & How it Affect Your Pregnancy?

Rh incompatibility means when a mother with RH negative blood type bears an RH positive baby. And Rh sensitization means when the mother produces an antibody against Rh antigen.

Menstrual cycle – what is normal and abnormal?

Nature finds a way to design a perfect cycle due to hormonal effects. And ovaries and endometrium are involved in the process.

How to Do Leopold Maneuver? What are the steps?

Leopold Maneuver is a physical examination done for pregnant women by doctors and midwives. It helps to identify the lie and the presentation of the baby in the womb.

Cardinal Movements of Labor – What are 7 Steps?

During labor and delivery, the baby head tries to find the easiest way to pass the pelvic bone of the mother to reach the vaginal opening. The process is called cardinal movements of labor. And it has 7 major steps.

Physiological Changes During Pregnancy

The human body makes physiological changes during pregnancy. in this article, you will find an overview of physiologic changes in different systems of our body. What is the Purpose of the Change? To provide nutrient and oxygen to the babyProvide a supportive...

Stages of labor – How Long Does It Last?

Labor is a coordinated efficient sequence of involuntary uterine contractions that results in effacement and dilatation of the cervix and voluntary bearing down efforts of the mother leading to the expulsion per vaginum of products of the conceptus. There are 3 stages...

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