In this section of our blog, you can get life experience of other medical students and doctors in practice.
You will get tips which help you to be a successful medical student (tips like how to memorize better, abbreviations, educational posts, school life advice from other medical students and senior physicians.)
If you are an intern or fresh Doctor, this is the right place for you too. Because there are many guests writer doctors who practice for 20, 30 years as a Doctor. They weekly share their experience (both serious and funny one).
Simply you will get most of the information you need as a medical student and a medical doctor here.

How to Open Pharmacy In Ethiopia – Steps & Requirements

If you plan to start your pharmacy in Ethiopia, first you need to know the requirements and specifications. This blog post will help you know what is required to open a pharmacy in Ethiopia. Let’s see them step by step.

Should I go to med school? consider these 7 things first

If you are asking yourself if you should go to med school, you are in the right place because, in this article, we will talk about things you should consider before joining medicine.

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