Rh Incompatibility – Why & How it Affect Your Pregnancy?

Rh incompatibility means when a mother with RH negative blood type bears an RH positive baby. And Rh sensitization means when the mother produces an antibody against Rh antigen.

Biophysical Profile – Components & Interpretation

A biophysical profile is one of the antepartum fetal surveillance tools done by ultrasound which is used by your doctor to assess if there is uteroplacental insufficiency. Why it is Done? If your pregnancy is high risk like for example if you have either one of these...

APGAR score – How to Calculate and Interpret?

Apgar score is the newborn assessment score. As soon as your baby is born, the midwife will calculate an apgar score of your baby 2 times. At 1st minute and 5th minute. Depend on your baby situation, an additional 10th-minute score might be needed. The 1st-minute...

Neonatal Resuscitation – What are the steps?

Neonatal resuscitation is an emergency procedure to help your baby breathe by itself. It ranges between gentile stimulation and clearing the airway by suctioning to chest compression and drug administration. Luckily, 90% of babies don't need resuscitation to adjust to...

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