How to Open Pharmacy In Ethiopia – Steps & Requirements

If you plan to start your pharmacy in Ethiopia, first you need to know the steps and requirements. And this blog post will help you know what is required to open a pharmacy in Ethiopia. Let’s see them step by step.

What things do you need to open pharmacy in Ethiopia?

  • A good plan – You need to have a good plan. You need to find a place around a well-known hospital where you find higher potential customers.
  • Startup budget
  • A technical manager – One pharmacist who has at least 3 years of job experience.
  • A store manager – One druggist who has at least 2 years of job experience.
  • Then you should rent or buy a place according to specifications (You should ask the Ethiopia food and drug authority office before you rent a room. Because there are specifications you need to meet like the height of the selling, the width of the room, and the likes).
  • A TIN – you need a Government identification card (ye kebele metawekiya). You should apply for tin gebiyoch (kebele metawekiya and yebet kiray wel or karta if the workplace is yours.)
    For more information see this article here.
  • Then you should apply for EFDA (Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority) on the system called ‘I license’. (You can get a step-by-step guide in the next paragraph.)
  • Then they will call you for inspection.
  • If you pass the inspection, you will get a certificate of competence (yebekat maregagecha).
  • Then you need to go to Nigd biro to get yenegd fikad. You only need Tin and yebekat maregagecha as a requirement.

How much money do you need to open a pharmacy in Ethiopia?

There are inevitable costs if you plan to start a pharmacy. It can be categorized into two.

Startup cost and running cost.

Startup cost

It includes

  • Cost of rent or buy a place. It depend on the place and the location. 
  • Cost of furniture

Running cost

Running cost includes

  • Inventory cost – this might be the main cost you have. You need to maintain a supply of medication and cosmetics.
  • Staff cost – you need one technical manager and a store manager. If you plan to open your pharmacy on Sunday, nighttime, and holidays, the payment will exponentially increase. Other than a pharmacist you might need a janitor and guard.

After knowing the cost and renting a house, you need to apply on I LICENCE.

How to apply on I licence

To apply for an I license, you need to follow these simple steps.

  1. You should pay for the application first.
  2. Click on this link.
  3. You will see this tab. Then click on sign up / login.
  1. Then you will fill in the required information to sign up.
HOW TO OPEN PHARMACY IN ETHIOPIA - I license to sign up.
  1. After you sign up, you will log in.
  1. Then click on the + mark on the right corner.
Fill the applications on I license
  1. Then you will fill in the information needed like name, TIN, phone number, receipt number to make sure you are already paid for the application process, facility address, professional license, and specifications checklists, and so on.
Steps to fill the application online
  1. After you apply, they will call you within one week to check all the filled pieces of information are correct. Then they will inspect the place.
  2. If you pass the inspection, you will get a certificate of competence (yebekat maregagecha). Then after that you can go to nigd biro to get yened fikad using a tin and yebekat maregagecha.


Important places and contact information

EFDA (Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority)

  • Place – Africa Avenue, near wolosefer, Kirkos sub city, 02/03 kebelle, 02
  • Phone number – +251-11-552-41-22
  • Website –
  • Contact page –
  • Email –

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