Facility level case detection, linkage and Retention coordinator – Amhara National Regional State Health Bureau Vacancy Announcement – POSTPONED

Facility level case detection, linkage and Retention coordinator – Amhara National Regional State Health Bureau Vacancy Announcement, March 11 2023

Organization: Amhara National Regional State Health Bureau

Position: Facility level case detection, linkage and Retention coordinator

Location: South Wollo Zone, /Haik/

Date of Announcement: March 9 2023

Deadline: March 17 2023





Vacancy Postponed



Job description


Position: Facility level case detection, linkage and Retention coordinator

No. of position: 01

Location: South Wollo Zone, /Haik/

Scope of work/ Roles and Responsibilities/

Facility level Case detection, linkage and Retention coordinator will support, coordinate and monitor the following activities: .

➢ Ensure enhanced utilization of tailored adult and pediatric HIV risk screening tool at OPDs, youth friendly clinic, Family planning clinic, ANC for partner testing/of high risk pregnant mothers/ and inpatients

➢ Ensure all KP, TB, STI and other priority population clients visiting the facility know their HIV status

➢ Provide ongoing Support to HTS providers at each SDP to escort HIV positive clients and document linkage

➢ Closely follow inter and intra facility linkage and referral confirmation.

➢ Strengthen HIVST implementation at each service delivery points

➢ Oversee the implementation of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and other facility level HIV preventive activities, availability of supportive tools

➢ Oversee the implementation KP friendly services as per the national and regional standard

➢ He/she will monitor and support health facilities to minimize missed opportunities on testing, linkage, rapid ART initiation and retention.

➢ She/he will also monitor RTK consumptions and support regular test kit audit

➢ Conduct facility linkage audit and transfer out transfer in analysis regularly

➢ She/he will also lead the site level activities to institutionalize and monitor early ART initiation including same day ART initiation for all medically eligible HIV positives.

➢ Closely monitor and review the implementation of new initiatives.

➢ Ensure adherence at risk client monitoring implementation and follow treatment cohort status at each month

➢ Strengthen facility level case management service including lost tracing and back to care

➢ Ensure high viral load management is provided as per the national guideline

➢ Follow ART optimization with emphasis to 10 mg pediatric ART optimization

➢ Ensure data use at generation level using different tools shared from RHB.

> Follow HIV program related PIPS developed during SS, Mentoring MDT Meeting and SDP review are implemented and followed ensure MDT and SDP reviews are conducted

> Support in training need assessment

> Compile and submit monthly activity performance report to facility head and ZHD/RHB using the template

> Support HIV program related QI project implementation, clinical mentorship and CAM performance

> Identify, document, and share best experiences

➢ She/he will perform additional activities assigned by their supervisor.


Job requirements

Required Education, Training & Experience:

o BSC in public health (Health Officer), Nursing, midwifery, General Practitioner

o Having trainings on basic Consolidated HIV Testing Service or Anti Ritro Viral Treatment.


o Minimum of 3 years progressive experience in the area of HIV Testing Services in HIV/AIDS care and treatment program

o Experience in clinical mentorship has an added value

Language Requirement: Speaking/ Reading/Writing Amharic and English is required

Agreement period: until September 30/2023 with possible extension


How to apply

Those who are fulfill the above requirement can register with in 7/seven/ consecutive working day in each district Zonal Health Bureau





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