National Newborn Health Advisor, School of Public Health-AAU- Center for Implementation Sciences (CIS) Vacancy Announcement

National Newborn Health Advisor, School of Public Health-AAU- Center for Implementation Sciences (CIS) Vacancy Announcement, April 11 2024




Organization: School of Public Health-AAU- Center for Implementation Sciences (CIS)

Position: National Newborn Health Advisor

Location: Addis Ababa


Date of Announcement: April 3, 2024

Deadline: April 13, 2024





Job Description


Addis Ababa University, collaborating with Emory, Hawassa, and Mekelle Universities, along with the Ministry of Health and Oromia, Amhara, Sidama and Tigray regional health bureaus, is poised to launch the Saving Little Lives (SLL) 360 project in Ethiopia, supported by the NEST360 Consortium via Rice University, USA.
The SLL360 team aims to integrate NEST360 solutions into the ministry of health’s newborn health packages for Level 2 SSNC units, scaling up in 16 hospital networks across four regions, and further expanding to 234 SLL-supported hospitals leveraging existing and upcoming newborn health investments. This initiative will bolster national and regional government capacities for the widespread adoption and institutionalization of these Level 2 SSNC packages.
Addis Ababa University is actively recruiting for a National Newborn Health Advisor to join the Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health Service (MCAHS) Lead Executive Office (LEO) at the Ministry of Health, playing a pivotal role in advancing newborn health services.
Job Summary
The National Newborn Health Advisor will provide strategic technical and management support for newborn health initiatives, including the expansion of Level 2 SSNC in Ethiopia. This role involves significant responsibility for national coordination, development, and execution of the MoH’s Level 2 SSNC plans including the SLL360, ensuring alignment with MoH policies.
The advisor will oversee in-country programmatic and operational management, serving as the MoH’s primary contact for Level 2 SSNC. Collaborating with relevant newborn health stakeholders and SLL360 Principal Investigators, the advisor will develop and monitor the implementation of the Level 2 SSNC strategies and activities, contributing to its success and policy enhancement.
The National Newborn Health Advisor will engage with various stakeholders, including SLL360 team members, healthcare professionals, NGOs, industry partners, and government entities, to facilitate the Level 2 SSNC effective implementation. Additionally, the Advisor will represent the SLL360 team in Ethiopia, liaising with NEST360 and other health partners.


Additional Functions




  • Builds and maintains relationships with external stakeholders, including academic collaborators, hospitals and healthcare providers and nongovernmental and governmental officials and agencies.
  • Establishes and fosters excellent working collaborations and facilitates regular communication with key stakeholders and project partners, especially with the Ministry of Health and regional health bureaus.
  • Provides oversight for rigorous monitoring and evaluation activities and facilitates the documenting and dissemination of project learnings of the ministry’s newborn health initiatives and SLL360 project.
  • Ensures implementation is on track for SLL360 projects in the country, including regularly assessing progress against targets, identifying operational bottlenecks or risks, and working with the SLL360 country leadership to strengthen programs as necessary.
  • Provides timely progress reports on project in Ethiopia as required by partner institutions and donors.
  • Cultivate and sustain relationships with key external stakeholders, including academic partners, healthcare institutions, and governmental bodies.
  • Develop strong collaborative ties and maintain consistent communication with essential stakeholders, particularly with relevant LEOs in the Ministry of Health and regional health bureaus.
  • Oversee comprehensive monitoring and evaluation, ensuring the documentation and sharing of insights from the ministry’s newborn health initiatives and the SLL360.
  • Guarantee the successful execution of Level 2 SSNC including SLL360, routinely evaluating progress, addressing challenges, and collaborating with leadership to enhance program effectiveness.
  • Deliver prompt and regular progress updates to partner institutions and donors regarding the project’s status in Ethiopia.

Duration of work: 1 years with possible extension

Tentative Start Date: Immediately

Number of posts: 1



Job Requirements


  • The ideal candidate has an extensive working knowledge of health systems and public health and experience program coordination/management in collaboration with the MoH and within MoH, experience working in a multi-cultural environment and is willing and able to travel to the project regions.


  • MD with relevant specialty in Pediatrics, MPH, MSC in related health field with


  • A minimum of three years’ experience in designing and managing large projects, demonstrating progressive responsibility.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication abilities.
  • Strong collaborative, judgment, leadership, negotiation, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills, with a keen eye for detail and a proactive approach.
  • Profound project management expertise, including risk prediction and mitigation.
  • Teamwork skills, with the capacity to engage, motivate, and ensure follow-through.
  • Outstanding organizational skills for effective planning and scheduling.
  • Confidence in making autonomous decisions.
  • The capability to represent Level 2 SSNC and SLL360 to external parties, including donors, international organizations, peer institutions, and government agencies.
  • Superior problem-solving, supervisory, and organizational competencies.
  • The ability to manage multiple tasks, reconcile competing priorities, and maintain confidentiality.
  • A collaborative spirit, coupled with tact and cultural sensitivity.
  • Significant experience in implementation research or academic administration is advantageous.
  • A track record of leading collaborative efforts, delivering operational excellence, and being recognized as an organized and dynamic leader.

Specific roles and responsibilities

Essential Functions

  • Serves as the Level 2 SSNC technical lead and primary SLL360 contact at the Ministry of Health, liaising with MOH, SLL360 partners, and key stakeholders.
  • Oversee and contribute to newborn health activities within the MCAHS-LEO and SLL360 project.
  • Monitor and analyze the progress of activities and interventions through micro plan reviews.
  • Collaborate with regional coordinators to develop and submit detailed progress reports for SLL360 micro-plans across the four regions.
  • Schedule and organize National Steering Committee and National Implementation Coordination Team meetings, preparing agendas and minutes.
  • Coordinate SLL360 national training workshops and review meetings.
  • Integrate SLL360 interventions into the Ministry of Health’s annual plans and align with health development partners’ programs for preterm and low birth weight infants.
  • Work with relevant MOH departments to ensure integration and regular reporting of newborn care indicators in the DHIS2.
  • Ensure the Ministry of Health’s newborn health program and SLL360 projects are on track, addressing any operational challenges and risks.
  • Provide timely progress reports to partner institutions and donors.
  • Maintain consistent communication with the SLL360 country lead, Principal Investigators, and other key stakeholders.

How to Apply


Interested and qualified candidates for the positions stated above are invited to apply through in the next 10 working days. Female applicants are highly encouraged. An applicant is requested to attach the following documents:
Letter of application mentioning the specific position
Recent CV
Original and copies of degrees, and other relevant documents
Evidence of experience in research.




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