Deputy Medical Coordinator – The Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA) Vacancy Announcement

Deputy Medical Coordinator – The Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA) Vacancy Announcement; April 11 2023



Organization: The Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA)

Position: Deputy Medical Coordinator

Employment: Full Time

Location: JIJIGA with frequent travels in the different project areas, Somali

Deadline: April 21, 2023





Job Description


The Deputy Medical Coordinator assists the Medical Coordinator (MEDCO) through the tasks and responsibilities delegated to him/her. He/she collaborates with the MEDCO to, among other things, define, manage and coordinate the entire medical part of the mission in order to ensure the quality of medical treatment offered to the beneficiaries of the program while improving their general health and living conditions. He/she takes over all the responsibilities of the medical coordinator in the latter’s absence.

1. Contributes to the analysis, reflection and definition of the medical objectives of ALIMA projects in the country

a. Data collection

The Deputy MEDCO ensures that data collection tools are properly used on the mission :

  • Regularly follows up with the project’s referral doctor on the collection of data from all ALIMA activities and medical projects in the country.

  • Contributes to the quantitative evaluation of local health resources (HR, structures, equipment…) and qualitative evaluation (maintenance, actors’ skills, protocols, and organization).

  • Contributes to the implementation of a health information system adapted to the context.

  • Contributes to the collection of indicators for monitoring the health status of the population. Takes into account the opinion of local health actors.

  • Participates in exploratory missions to deepen the analysis of a situation, the interpretation of its effects on the health of the population or to assist in decision making as well as in the research of data for the development of operational strategies.

    b. Contributes to the analysis, interpretation and proposals for action

  • Interprets the data collected and describes the evolution of the phenomenon(s) affecting the population, the health status of the population and the performance of the care activities under the responsibility of ALIMA.

  • Shares with the field teams its interpretation and emphasizes their role in the evolution of the results.

  • Discusses with the MEDCO the adaptation of means or strategies to improve the ALIMA response in existing projects.

  • Writes regular, well-reasoned reports on the objectives, results of activities, and adaptations of AMIS projects for local authorities, capital coordination, field teams, and headquarters

  • Regularly reports and discusses with the MEDCO the evolution of the health status of the population, in particular those to whom ALIMA services are offered

  • Contributes to the drafting of proposals for medical interventions,

  • Responds to requests for clarification and takes into account the comments made in the drafting of the final project.

  • Contributes to the elaboration of the budget with the coordination team by identifying the medical means necessary for the implementation of the projects.

  • Participates in coordination meetings.

  • At the request of the MEDCO, the Deputy Medical Coordinator represents the association to third parties on medical matters, ensuring the good public image of the organization and respecting the interests of the mission. In this capacity, he/she describes the projects and argues the choices

  • If necessary, in the event of differences of opinion on medical diagnostic or therapeutic practices between the medical authorities and the ALIMA teams, he/she reports the case to the medical coordinator and makes proposals.

  • Maintains regular contact with local institutions and authorities, and other NGOs in the country, for better coordination of the deployment of ALIMA projects and programs.

    2.  Implementation of ALIMA programs

  • Participates in the organization of the implementation of medical activities according to the project description, including regarding:

  • Time planning

  • Provision of material and human resources

  • Provision of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

  • Compliance with good practices

  • For the material resources, in support of the caregivers, doctors and nurses responsible in particular:

  • Controls the implementation, proper use and maintenance of diagnostic, clinical and therapeutic tools necessary for patient care.

  • Supports the monitoring of consumption and the management of the pharmacy.

  • Ensures that the comfort and safety of patients and health care personnel are respected, in support of the project coordinator, referring physician and the activity manager.

  • Follows and explains quality indicators

  • It reassesses the risks for staff, patients and accompanying persons.

  • Ensures compliance with staff and patient protection measures

  • He/she ensures that the skills of the medical staff are updated according to the evolution of the technical platform and the protocols made available to the mission

  • He/she reports to the MEDCO on the need to adapt the infrastructures to the needs of the medical activity

  • He/she ensures that medical ethics are respected and remains attentive to any questions about the restrictions and limits of the practice of care in the project environment (including abuse and medical errors).

  • He evaluates the quality of services offered in the referral facilities.

  • Documenting treatment side effects and transfusion accidents. Discusses them with the health care teams of each project and with the MEDCO.

    3. Team health

In collaboration with MEDCO :

  • Develops the staff health policy for the country

  • Develops the medical evacuation SOP

  • Participates in the analysis of psychosocial risks including

  • Validates with the Emergency Coordinator and support of the Human resources Coordinator the application modalities of the staff health policy (organization, necessary means, protocols, SOP …)

  • Ensures the quality of care provided in the staff health setting (in-house or outsourced)

  • Ensures that the medical confidentiality of the care provided is respected

  • Ensures that policies for the prevention of occupational diseases are effective (vaccination, medical certificates, medical monitoring of specific projects, contraindications to certain activities, etc.)

  • Ensures that preventive measures for PSEA’s are implemented and that personnel are properly cared for in the event of an accident.

  • Is in charge of briefings (including filling out “health forms”) and debriefings (including mental health) for all expatriates and seconded staff

  • Identifies and evaluates available referral health structures (including mental health)

  • Informs insurance in case of need for medical evacuation

  • Implementation of the staff health policy

  • Defines and ensures the availability of emergency kits and other inputs related to staff health

  • Ensures coordination in case of medical evacuation.

    4. Other

  • Regularly informs his/her direct supervisor (MEDCO), the coordination team of the evolution of the situation and gives medical feedback (activities, statistics, impact on the functioning of the health centers) ;

  • Be in the networking/health clusters of his/her medical counterparts in other NGOs.

    5. Implementation of prevention measures against abuse of power, gender-based and sexual violence:

  • Participates in training and awareness sessions

  • Implements abuse prevention standards

  • Ensures that team members complete training and awareness sessions and follow abuse prevention rules

  • Helps create and maintain a nurturing and protective environment


Job Requirements




  • Physician or nurse with a Master’s degree in public health, project management, epidemiology…)


  • 3 years experience in a similar position with a medical INGO

  • Experience on emergency context

  • Experience in preparing proposals and donor reports


  • Strong knowledge of health services management

  • Experience in team management and supervision

  • Autonomy and quick decision making at the medical level

  • Understanding of issues related to NGO emergency response

  • Knowledge of the different phases and requirements of project management

  • Good resistance to stress and good understanding of risky environments

  • Computer and statistical skills.

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Database management in Excel

  • Strategic vision

  • Management

  • Surveys (SMART, CAP…) Monitoring and evaluation

    ·      Oral and written fluency in English is essential

    ·       Knowledge of a local language (Somali and Oromo) is an asset


How to Apply


If you are interested, please send your application composed of none returnable CV, a Covering Letter with “Deputy Medical Coordinator” written in the subject line, and three references, to the following email address:


Deadline: 21 April 2023 before 5:00pm

NB: Only shortlisted applicants will be communicated and the selection process includes a technical test and an interview.








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