5 Side hustles for Ethiopian Health Professionals to earn a passive income online – Little to no initial investment

5 Side hustles for Ethiopian Health professionals to Earn a Passive Income Online – Little to no initial investment, July 18 2023





Healthcare providers possess unique skills and expertise that has been acquired with relentless handwork and dedication over several years of highly demanding training and practice. However in countries like Ethiopia, the fact on the ground is , health professionals are not well compensated and several for them remain unemployed for months or years after graduation.

In light of these problems, many have chosen a hard path of attaining job security by pursuing multiple unrelated studies at the same time. Learning nursing and accounting; medicine and marketing etc… is becoming a common endeavor in Ethiopia. Large minority of health professionals decide to leave their professions to pursue trade, meter taxi driving, etc…

To be part of the solution we at Doctor Online Ethiopia have decided to write this brief article to help health professionals earn a considerable passive income online with out abandoning their respected professions. Below are 5 ways through which health professionals in Ethiopia and elsewhere can make money online using just their laptops or smartphones.

However before diving in, we want to clear out a common misconception regarding earning a passive income online. Its common to think that making money online is a simple or effort free endeavor. That can be true for some businesses but even in those, the money comes after a relentless hard work of setting it up and taking the business off the ground. So we advice expecting little to no revenue at least for couple of months and just focusing on learning and establishing the business. This will put you on a track of making good money with far less effort in the future.


What is a Passive Income


Passive income is money from activities where you have no active or direct involvement. These may be investments you have made where you earn money or work you have done in the past that continues to pay dividends even in the present. There are numerous ways to earn passive income online,that will surpass your full time income as health Professional in Ethiopia. But we have limited the scope of this article to only to those ways you can earn online, with little or no initial investment from your part.


5 Side hustles for Ethiopian Health professionals to Earn a Passive Income Online


1. Start Blogging and Share Your Knowledge


A blog, short for “weblog,” is a platform or website where individuals or businesses can share their thoughts, ideas, opinions, or information. Blogs often have a niche which is a specialized topic area that you’ll be focusing on when writing content. As a starter you should narrow down your niche and keep publishing engaging content, promote it as well as optimize it for search engines like google, bing etc… so that people will find your content while searching for a particular keyword.  Now that you can get shared webhosting for a low price, We advise you to start bloging on your own website. However, if you cannot afford to buy a website, you can start blogging for free, on platforms like wix, and buy your own website somewhere along your journey.

Blogging is an excellent form of passive income. But setting up a blog and earning a stable income from it needs persistence, and hard work. You will need to keep creating contents, update your articles from time to time, so that your blog will keep attracting more and more audience.

Having a blog helps you sell your already existing services or products to your audience. Also, as you build your audience and share your expertise, you may be asked to do sponsored posts, have affiliate marketing links, or even be asked to do paid speaking engagements. You can even join reputable advertisement networks to earn a descent income as your website traffic grows.


2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products in return for a small commission for each sale. You’ve probably seen headings marked “affiliate link” or “sponsored post” on many of the websites you visit. Or you may have come across a youtube video where the host tries to convince you to use the link in the description to subscribe for a service, buy a product etc… from a third parties website. All of this most probably mean that the owner of  that blog or YouTube channel some how makes money each time the reader takes the desired action using their affiliate links.

The general concept is simple, you can get started by opening a tiktok account, YouTube channel, Facebook page, website etc… and keep creating engaging content on topics you have deep knowledge about. Advertise your content to your target audience and establish trust among your userbase by providing valuable information to your followers. Then open an account on websites like clickbanks, cj affiliates etc… or just use google to search for products and services you believe in and join an affiliate program. Then promote your affiliate links in your content. This lets you earn money each time a user performs the desired action using your affiliate link.


3.      Write and Sell Your Own Book


As a health professional, your knowledge and skills are among your biggest assets. You can earn passive income if you sharing that knowledge, skillset and experience in a book by targeting your niche audience. Books are a great way to put the work in now and reap the rewards for many years.

As long as your book is for sale, you earn commissions from the sale. Fortunately, you don’t have to knock on the publisher’s doors unless you want to. Instead, you can use Amazon’s self-publishing tool to publish your book and market it yourself.

But please know that writing a book requires a lot of effort from your part. More over, you need to understand that not all books sell. So you should research several aspects of the book thoroughly  before deciding to actually writing it.


4. Design and sell a course or a program Online

Online courses addressing a topic with enough popular demand can be “timeless”. It is not uncommon to find paid online courses selling for several years after preparation, requiring only minimal updates along the way. Spend a few days, hours or weeks designing an online course on a favourite topic of yours and upload them on to your own website, or one of the specialist course sites such as Coursera or Udemy.

You can even go one step further and design a program that offers a transformational outcome. Programs are designed as longer, interactive experiences which are evergreen, can command more money with far less effort your full time job is demanding from you.


5.      Become a YouTuber or a Social Media Influencer


As a health professional, your knowledge and expertise is literally transformational to many people. The most insignificant information to you can be a valuable; sometimes even life changing to a target population. Many health professional in Ethiopia are discouraged and feel helpless due to the way they are being treated by the government, the media etc… However, the reality is different, with small technical knowledge on your target population and Social medias, you can capture alot of audience in Ethiopia and beyond, just by creating content constantly and promoting it whenever possible.

If you become a social media influencer, you share value-added information that subscribers can use. For example, a neurologist may share tips on managing migraines or ways to improve your overall health to prevent them, and a sports medicine doctor may talk about different stretches to prevent orthopedic injuries.

It takes a lot of grit, tenacity and time to make money on YouTube. However once you generate a large following, you can leverage your influence by using Ads, direct sponsorship, You Tube Partnership and more. You may not need to continue putting in as much work as you did at the start.

Social media influencers in general make money, much like bloggers and vloggers. They share links to the products they talk about or advertise their business to get more patients. And they can also run advertisements from several sources, resulting in more “passive income”


6.  Worth mentioning


  • Freelancing (You can start freelancing as a medical writer, personal coach, in websites like fivrr, upwork…)
  • Telemedicine ( Telemedicine is at its infancy stage in Ethiopia, but has been growing rapidly in the past few years; You can use Wecare digital partners app to get started. * This is not a passive income source.)
  • Paid online Surveys (Though most survey site don’t enough surveys  for users from Ethiopia. You can try Sermo to get started
  • Starting Onine store or Dropshipping ( its takes time and some investment and its not as easy as some people sat it is, but you can
  • Selling photos you take ( You can take good photos and sell them on websites like Shutterstock, istock etc…)



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