School Nurse – Bisrate Gebriel International School Vacancy Announcement

School Nurse – Bisrate Gebriel International School Vacancy Announcement, August 23 2023


Organization: Bisrate Gebriel International School

Position: School Nurse

Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Employment: Full Time

Date of Announcement: August 23 2023

Deadline: September 2 2023




Job Requirement


Education: Degree or Diploma in nursing, public health, or related fields

• Years of Experience: 1 year & above for Degree and 2 years & above for Diploma

• Competency: Energetic female candidates who have been working in private schools or other related organizations

• Qty: 5



How To Apply


Note: Interested applicants shall bring in

person a copy of their CV with relevant documents within ten consecutive working days from the announcement of this notice to one of our branches that they are interested in joining.

No. 1 Branch around Bisrate Geberel Church Tel: 0113727830, 0113718636,and 0113727842

No. 2 Branch around Gofa Mebrathaile East West Hall Tel: 0114 705917, 0114

703894, 0114705636

No. 3 Branch around Lafto Awash Bank Tel: 0114,191116, 0114-190803

Those who are applying through email shall send a copy of their relevant documents through the below email. The subject of the email must be the position that the candidate is applying for. Email:








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