Import store Manager – Heal Africa Health City S.C Vacancy Announcement

Import store Manager – Heal Africa Health City S.C Vacancy Announcement, March 10 2024



Organization: Heal Africa Health City S.C

Position: Import store Manager

Location: Addis Abeba arond Torhayloch

Employment: Full time

Date of Announcement: March 8 2024

Deadline: March 15, 2024





Job Description


Execute the medical warehouse storing activities in order to keep Pharmaceutical stock above security level and following recommended conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) and in collaboration with the Pharmaceutical team.


Job Requirements


     Qualification  &  Experience

§  Pharmacy technician, Druggist, pharmacist;

§  Should have renewed Health professional license certificate; 

§   Release paper should be presented ;

§  Minimum 3 years and above working experience for Pharmacy technician, Druggist and  0 years and above for  pharmacist(B, pharm)  working on pharmaceutical sector  is preferable;

Key Responsibilities

§  Supervise material orders and dispatching in order to ensure rational use;

§  Receive orders and deliveries, identifying potential disparities against cargo manifest or others and reporting them, and stores materials in accordance with the system in force, in order to ensure continuous availability. It includes;

§    Ensure correct filling in of entries on the stock cards and software, incl. medical devices and related items;

§  Carry out or participate in regular inventories;

§   Report missing material/ damage/ robbery;

§  Control warehouse limited access to authorized personnel and ensure doors and other exists are secured ;

§   Ensures good storage conditions of all items in the warehouse;

§  Control warehouse facilities in order to ensure materials good keeping conditions. It includes ;

§  Monitor temperature in the warehouse and ensure that products requiring cold chain are suitably stored and transports received and prepared appropriately;

§  Ensure cleanliness of premises;

§  Maintain refrigerating equipment in close collaboration with the logistics department;


§  Follows up stock levels with regards to alarms thresholds, stock out, expiry dates and drugs to expire. Make a report and passes it to the supervisor goods;


How to Apply


How to Apply


To apply, please use the following emails to submit your application: Please specify the position title as the subject line in your application and submit no later than march 15, 2024.


Heal Africa Health City S.C


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