ADWA Partners CPD Center Virtual Seminar with CPD Certificate and 1.5 CEU Points


ADWA Partners CPD Center Virtual Seminar with CPD Certificate and 1.5 CEU Points, August 28 2023



About ADWA Partners CPD Center


Adwa partners CPD center is an organization that aims to make CPD delivery accessible to all health professionals around the country. We provide up-to-date trainings on selected subjects by the most experienced professionals in the respective fields. Health professionals looking to renew their license are required to have 30 CEU points per year to do so, so we enable them to have access to trainings via various modalities like live programs (either off-site or on-site), live webinars, prerecorded and self-paced courses that will continually be uploaded to our website



Adwa Partners CPD and Training center invites all interested health professionals to join a virtual Webinar:

Topic: Screening and Management of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease

Presenter:  Dr. Christine Giordano
Board Certified Internist and Medical Educator

Award: 1.5 CEU and CPD certificate

Duration: 90 min

Date: Friday September 8, 2023

Starting Time: 7:00 PM (1:00 LT in the evening)



 How to Register


Register here:

Fee: 150 ETB (to get the  link)

Payment options:
Telebirr: +2519447348885
Abyssinia Bank: 89308569

For more Info:
Call: +251 979 099 669
Email: Telegram:


Steps to get the presentation link:

Step 1: First register in the google form
Step 2: Make payment to get the link
Step 3: Send payment slip to 0979099669 Telegram account or to Email address.
Our team will verify and share the participation link through your email.






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