Addis Ababa University has announced a call for Masters and PHD programs 2023/24

Addis Ababa University has announced a call for Masters and PHD programs 2023/24, June 1 2023







Addis Ababa University has opened up a call for the academic year of 2023/24 in
the various Masters in regular and evening programs as well as PhD programs. AAU
therefore invites you to apply for admission by fully complying with the following requirements.


Taking the AAU Graduate Admission Test (GAT)

1. To apply for postgraduate programs, you must first take the University Graduate Admission Test (GAT) and fulfill the minimum requirement to pass the exam.

2. Tests and other information can be obtained from the Telegram of the Institute
for Educational Research or Testing Center_IER_AAU.

3. University Graduate Admission Test (GAT) application and test dates are May
23 to August 12, 2023. Priority is given to those who have already registered.

4. Follow the steps listed below and get registered for the GAT

a. Go to [Open]

b. Apply for the exam [click]

c. Test Taker Registration form [fill it]

d. Upload Passport-size size photo [test taker’s photo]

e. Submit [Click]

f. Copy the generated number

g. Use CBE short code 242424 to pay the GAT testing fee of 600 birr.

(Foreign applicants are required to pay an equivalent of USD 50 in Ethiopian Birr)

h. Once paid, download and print your Admission Ticket required to get
admission to your exam hall.

i. Follow further announcements on the Telegram channel Testing Center_IER_AAU (

5. The GAT is conducted on a computer, and general information about the exam
can be found on Telegram channel indicated above.

6. Applicants should follow up place, date, and time for University Graduate
Admission Test by telegram daily from the date of the application.

7. If a test taker fails to appear on the test date for various reasons, he/she may
have to pay for the next test again.

8. Students who have previously passed the University Graduate Admission Test and who have been assigned a student ID number in the program you have applied are required to retake the University Graduate Admission Test afresh.

9. The Graduate Admission Test is valid only for two years.

General steps for applying to the AAU Graduate Program

1. Fill out the application form on the university website (

2. You will have to pay birr 400 for the registration fee using the application number you get from the application form, via CBE Birr 242424.

3. After completing your payment, you will need to return to the application form and complete your online registration by submitting your PDF-converted educational document, cost-sharing document, and a signed and stamped form of sponsorship letter to a government-sponsored applicant.

4. You can get the sponsorship form from the university website

5. For Ph.D. applicants, you will need to attach a BA/BSc Degree and Transcript and an MA/MSC Degree and Transcript.

6. Ph.D. applicants will also need to attach documents that the department or the program requires.

7. MA/MSC applicants will need to attach a BA/BSc degree and transcript.

8. To complete your registration, you must submit your academic and other credentials in person at the Addis Ababa University Registrar Admissions Office
No. 203.


1. We would like to inform you that you will not be able to complete the registration process unless you order an official transcript to be sent to Addis Ababa University Registrar, PO Box 1176.

2. Department-level entrance exam schedules and admission requirements for programs are available on the department notice board and on the university
website (

3. Make sure you fulfill admission requirements of the specific program as indicated in the curriculum of the specific program (uploaded on the website of the

4. Applicants for health disciplines will need to attach a letter from the Ministry of Health or a university grade report for each semester upon completion of their degree.

5. We would like to inform you that educational programs will not be opened if the number of students is below capacity.

6. Applicants who have attended school abroad should bring Higher Education Equivalence Letter from Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA) and meet all the requirements set by the University.

7. To see the admission requirements of the departments
( then Admission requirements for Graduate Programs The details of the advertisement can be seen on the university website.

Application date for those who have passed GAT: May 26 to August 16, 2023 Application Place for those who have passed GAT: Registrar Building Room No. 203





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