WHO has launched two new e-courses on national strategic planning for TB and systematic screening for TB disease (In End TB Course Series) 

WHO has launched two new e-courses on national strategic planning for TB and systematic screening for TB disease (In End TB Course Series) ; July 9 2023






About the End TB Course Series

Tuberculosis (TB) remains one of the world’s top infectious killers. Urgent and intensified action is required by countries, partners and civil society to ramp up the TB response to save the lives of millions affected by TB each year.

The End TB Channel brings together courses designed to build strategic and operational knowledge. It provides critical training on essential skills to facilitate the implementation of WHO’s End TB Strategy based on sound ethics principles and due protection of human rights. Through this interactive platform, you will learn about the latest WHO TB guidelines on TB diagnosis, prevention, treatment and care, and what practical steps can be taken to ensure equitable access to quality and timely care for those most in need.

WHO courses target two sets of audiences:

1. People providing guidance to countries on the uptake of WHO guidelines. For example, National Programme managers and Ministries of Health technical staff, technical agencies, consultants, WHO staff and anyone else supporting countries and major subnational units in development and implementation of policies and guidelines;

2. Health care workers at primary health care level


The new e-courses

WHO launched two new e-courses on national strategic planning for TB and systematic screening for TB disease at this week’s meeting of its Strategic and Technical Advisory Group (STAG-TB). The new WHO e-courses have been added to the End TB Channel in OpenWHO.

Please register for these WHO courses that are designed to facilitate the uptake of latest WHO TB related guidelines and guidance documents.

Using latest adult learning principles, the courses consist of a combination of videos, presentations, quizzes and case studies and build on information provided in WHO operational handbooks on TB and other WHO guidance documents. They are free of charge and can be taken at your own pace. A certificate can be downloaded if you achieve a 80% score or higher in the final assessment.

“The End TB Channel in OpenWHO now features eight courses and has over 25,000 unique users registered”, said Dr Tereza Kasaeva, Director of WHO’s Global TB Programme. “The new e-courses will serve as an important tool for national stakeholders, technical staff of WHO and partners, and consultants to build their strategic and operational knowledge on the latest developments in TB prevention and care, and contribute to efforts towards ending TB.”


1. E-course on systematic screening for TB disease (duration: 2.5 hours):

In this course you will learn about the role of screening for TB disease in global TB care, new approaches, tools and algorithms. You will also learn more about the WHO recommended risk groups for screening and how to prioritize risk groups. An important feature of this e-course is the interactive case-study that will give you the opportunity to put your new knowledge and skills into practice. This e-course has a programmatic focus and builds on content included in the WHO operational handbook on tuberculosis

Course Link




2. E-course on National Strategic Planning for TB (duration: 1.5 hours):

A national strategic plan (NSP) for TB is a key document that guides national authorities and stakeholders in how to comprehensively address the TB epidemic through interventions within the health sector and in other sectors towards achievements of the health-related SDGs.

This course has been designed for all stakeholders participating in national strategic planning for TB to provide    brief overview of the process and content of NSP. It describes the process for developing a national strategic plan for TB and explains the phases of development. The e-course also walks you through the proposed structure of a national strategic plan for TB, explaining how results of the development process inform content development.

Course Link




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