Survey Data collector – Ethiopian Public Health Institute Vacancy Announcement

Survey Data collector – Ethiopian Public Health Institute Vacancy Announcement, November 23 2023



Organization: Ethiopian Public Health Institute

Position: Survey Data collector


Employment: Contract

Deadline: Dec 1, 2023





Job Description


Required Number:  20

Duration of Contract: For 2 months, with possibility of extension.

Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) is a national organization mandated to manage, build research capacity, and promote and strengthen public health research activities in the country. The institute is also mandated to nationwide comprehensive health related data synthesis of evidence that public health related decision-makings rely on.  Currently, EPHI in collaboration with FMOH is planning to conduct a study to assess and characterize HIV-associated mortality among PLHIV in care and document the progress in the national responses to epidemic control in Ethiopia. Currently, EPHI in collaboration with FMOH is planning to conduct the HIV/AIDS Mortality in Ethiopia.

As part of implementing the study, the EPHI would like to announce a vacancy for competent and interested individuals for the following posts. The qualified individual will be functioning in collaboration with a member of the HIV survey team.


The intended candidates should have the following qualifications and experiences:


Job Requirements


· Possess a BSc degree or higher in health sciences (nursing, midwifery, public health, medical laboratory) with a minimum of 4 years.

· Prior experience in HIV surveys or surveys related to the field is considered an asset.

·  Demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

·  Exhibit experience and training in HIV testing and counseling, and work in ART department.

· Have expertise and training in both quantitative and qualitative data collection methodologies.

· Willingness and ability to travel to various parts of the country as required by assigned sites.

·  Possess excellent skills in data organization, programming, and communication, coupled with the ability to work effectively in a team setting.

Duties and responsibilities

·  Execute essential survey activities, including coordination, ensuring data quality, conducting data cleaning, and interpreting and reporting findings.

·  Maintain and monitor the data collection process, making adjustments to the system to align with operational needs while providing ongoing support.

· Conduct data collection from the designated health facilities.

·  Ensure secure storage of information collected during interviews.

· Assist in the collection, processing, and storage of data.

· Complete relevant forms and follow established processes.


How to Apply


Note  Interested applicants can register in Online through only   send their CVs and relevant documents at the address given below within 10 days from the first appearance of the announcement

Remarks: Please attach copies of transcripts, academic degree or recommendation letters together with the application. If not attached the copies you may be not short listed.




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