Senior Radiology Technician, G-7, UNECA Vacancy Announcements

Senior Radiology Technician, G-7, UNECA Vacancy Announcements; May May 5 2024



Organization: UNECA

Position: Senior Radiology Technician, G-7

Location: Addis Ababa

Employment: Full time

Date of Announcement:

Deadline: May 10, 2024




Job Description


ECA’s mission is to deliver ideas and actions for an empowered and transformed Africa; informed by the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063. The mission is guided by ECA’s five new strategic directions which are: Advancing ECA’s position as a premier knowledge institution that builds on its unique position and privilege to bring global solutions to the continent’s problems and take local solution to the continent; developing macroeconomic and structural policy options to accelerate economic diversification and job creation; designing and implementing innovative financing models for infrastructure, and for human, physical and social assets for a transforming Africa; contributing solutions to regional and transboundary challenges, with a focus on peace security and social inclusion as an important development nexus; advocating Africa’s position at the global level and developing regional responses as a contribution to global governance issues. The position is located in the UN Health Care Center at the UN Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The incumbent will report to the Chief Medical Officer or designated Official.

Within delegated authority, the encumbent will be responsible for the following technical duties and responsibilities-

• Performs different radiological examination at the international standard

• Reviews Requests for radiological examinations of all procedures: Radiography, Mammography, Ultrasound and Radiological Consultation of Images produced elsewhere.

• Prepares and orient clients for their examination by explaining the nature of the examination, what to do, not to do

• Performs X-Ray examination as per the request based on local and international standards

• Orients clients on the next steps and give after care following all radiological examinations

• Processes images to acceptable diagnostic quality

• Communicates with consultant radiologists for proper diagnostic reporting

• Communicates with the requesting physicians as necessary

• Assists the consultant radiologist in radiological procedures by availing the space comfortably, co-working on the equipment, identifying entering/retrieving client data and archiving reports properly.

• Maintaining hygiene and safety of the radiology unit

• Assisting and technically supporting other specialists whenever they perform radiological examinations as a quick reference during emergencies

• Keeps electronic and hard copy record of images and reports in a confidential manner

• Communicates results on hard and/or soft copies to clients based on their demand

• Prepares by drafting and/or adopting best practice procedures consistent with international standards and adhere to local Standard Operating Procedures

• Performs examinations if called on emergency

• Participates in campaigns involving health care center staff

• Participating in periodic surveys by reviewing and analyzing questions

• Maintains hard and soft copies of all user and service manuals of radiology unit’s equipment for reference

• Inspecting all available equipment regularly for their good performance

• Reports errors, defects or malfunctions to the CMO and vendors or their local agents for quick rectification

• Follows up on the maintenance process

• Ensures that the unit is safe for staff, colleagues, clients, their dependents and visitors against radiation exposure

• Keeps track of radiation exposure measurement records

• Reports any radiation risk and work for its rectification

• Advises and follow disposal of radiological records and materials General Administration Duties and Responsibilities: -Manages the Radiology Unit’s daily operations:

• Manages the Radiology Unit as head of the unit

• Assists the CMO in annual operational plan preparation involving UNHCC

• Prepares annual plan of the Radiology Unit

• Organizes the Unit’s activities on a regular basis and prioritize demands and inform the CMO accordingly

• Keeps track of the performance and schedule of the Consultant Radiologists

• Guides/directs the works of consultant radiologists

• Assists the CMO office in recruitment, whenever appropriate

• Coordinates activities of the Radiology Unit and with other units as required

• Focal person for radiology related issues

• Performs other duties as assigned by the Chief Medical Officer

• Assists with the collection and analysis of data as well as preparation of data presentations and reports for information sharing, responding to queries, knowledge management, planning and decision making.

• Assists with visualizations and updating information material such as web pages or brochures. Procurement, Materials and Inventory Management Related Duties and Responsibilities: Assist the Chief Medical Officer in procurement, materials, and inventories management in the Radiology Unit

• Plans procurements, takes Umoja and other relevant actions on time, including preparing annual procurement plans for the Radiology Unit.

• Prepares and submits annual procurement plan for consumable items

• Prioritizes, prepare and submit procurement plan for equipment with enough justification for new demands, replacements and/or upgrades.

• Coordinates with other units in the procurement process of equipment in other units of the clinic

• Assesses demand for the Radiology Unit in consultation with the management/CMO

• Prepares generic technical specification or scope of work for goods and services to be procured for the Radiology Unit

• Consult and lead technical specification preparation with experts

• Prepares pre-defined technical evaluation criteria for evaluating bid documents

• Present, defend/justify and raise shopping cart and purchase orders for the goods and services to be procured for the Radiology Unit

• Follows up and closely works with Procurement Unit in the bid process

• Performs technical evaluation of bid documents

• Leads the technical evaluation committee for the evaluation of technical competence of procured radiology items and act as technical committee member for other procurement activities within the section whenever assigned

• Performs receipt and inspection of goods procured for the Radiology Unit

• Performs service delivery report for satisfied services offered to be filled for services offered by companies

• Ascertains payment request generation for the goods and /or services procured and offered • Archive and maintain all procurement documents in a confidential manner

• Corresponds with procurement unit, business partners and their agents, shipping unit, inventory unit, finance section and etc…

• Performs all Low Value Procurements for the Radiology Unit

• Raises Service Entry Sheet for services offered to the unit for payment authorization

• Keeps custody of all equipment in the Radiology Unit

• Maintains stock of all consumable items in the Radiology Unit and replenish stock with reasonable lead time

• Participates in the periodic inventory exercise with inventory unit colleagues

• Requests for items like stationary before they are completely depleted

• Advises on disposal of goods and records that are supposed to be disposed

• Follows on the disposal process by closely working with the inventory/disposal unit colleagues • Maintains/ascertains appropriate recording on the inventory data base Budget and Finance Related Duties and Responsibilities: Assist the Chief Medical Officer in administering budget and finance for the Radiology Unit

• Prepares annual budget plan for the Radiology Unit with tangible justification

• Follows up and execute the approved and allotted budget on a regular basis

• Cross-checks the appropriateness of the billing for all the services offered by the unit

• Follows up on cash collection for cash paying clients before and after each service

• Follow-upon payments for vendors after proper delivery of services or receipt of goods in good condition

• Periodically review, revise and propose service fees for the services offered in the unit


Job Requirements



High school diploma or equivalent and college diploma in Radiography is Required. Training in Telemedicine and Medical Informatics is an advantage. Additional training in Management related fields is desirable.

Work Experience

A minimum of ten (10) years of progressive working experience in a full-service radiology unit or related area is required.

Hands-on experience in radiology service including Mammography, Radiology techniques and Digital Radiography is required.

Experience in an international medical service is desirable.


Fluency in one of the working languages of the UN Secretariat, English or French, (both oral and written) is required, knowledge of the other is desirable. Knowledge of another UN official language is an advantage.


How to Apply


To get information on how to apply, please visit

Job openings advertised on the Careers Portal will be removed at 11:59 p.m. (New York time) on the deadline date.



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