Pharmacy Storekeeper (pharmacist for Medical Store management in supply warehouse ), Medicins Sans Frontiers – Holland

Pharmacy Storekeeper (pharmacist for Medical Store management in supply warehouse ), Medicins Sans Frontiers – Holland; July 21 2023



Organization: Medicins Sans Frontiers – Holland

Position: Pharmacy Storekeeper (pharmacist for Medical Store management in supply warehouse )

Location: Addis Ababa-working for Somali Region, Addis Ababa


Salary: ETB 22,542

Deadline: Jul 30, 2023




Job Description



·       Position title: PHARMACY STOREKEEPER (pharmacist for Medical Store management in supply warehouse

·       No. of positions: 1

·       Place of work: Coordination Addis Ababa ( Support  SRERU project , Somali region)

·       Terms of employment:    5 Months with a possibility of extension

·       Remuneration and Benefits:

–          Starting gross salary: ETB  22,542

–          Medical cover: as per the organization policy

Application Date: 20/07/2023  



Médecins Sans Frontières (also known as Doctors without Borders or MSF) is a private, non-profit, international humanitarian medical organization that intervenes in emergencies and crises situations to relieve human suffering resulting from unmet medical needs. MSF observes strict neutrality with respect to politics and provides its assistance without discriminating on the bases of race, religion, ideology, or political affiliation. MSF’s members are required to respect humanitarian principles and principles of medical ethics at all times.

MSF-Holland in Ethiopia currently operates in five projects (North Gonder, Abdurafi project, in Tigray emergency response projects (Shire and Sheraro), in Somali region- Wardher project, in Gambella region; Kule project with diversified workforce.


Main Purpose/Job Summary :

Manage Medical Stock under the supervision of the Medical Warehouse Supervisor of coordination and according to MSF Supply management tools, policies and protocols of pharmaceuticals’, in order to contribute in the guarantee of the proper management and distribution of medical supplies.

Administer receipt, storage, and issuance of medical supplies and food items for the project(s) according to MSF Pharmaceuticals storage standards, in order to ensure the overall functioning of MSF activities. Execute medical warehouse storing activities in order to keep medical stock above security level and following recommended conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.). Conduct Supervision of warehouse staff and Produce report.



·       Supervising material orders and dispatching in order to ensure rational use.

·       Receiving orders and deliveries, identifying potential disparities against cargo manifest or others and reporting them, and stores materials in accordance with the system in force, in order to ensure continuous availability. It includes:

·       Ensuring good storage conditions of all medical items in the medical Warehouse in accordance with pharmaceutical standards in order to ensure continuous availability.

·       Ensuring correct fill in entries on the stock cards, MSF data base and Unifield softwares.

·       Carrying out or participating in regular inventories including EPREP, Grey and transit stock.

·       Following up stock levels with regards to alarms thresholds, stock out, expiry dates and drugs to expire in the following 6 months.

·       Controlling warehouse facilities in order to ensure materials are kept in good keeping conditions, it includes:

e.g. Monitoring temperature in the warehouse and Ensuring that products requiring cold chain are suitably stored and transports  received, stored, and prepared and transported appropriately according to MSF Supply and Cold Chain protocols.

·       Ensuring cleanliness of premises (medical warehouse stock) and in close collaboration with the logistics department, maintaining refrigerating equipment.


·       Controlling warehouse limited access to authorized personnel and ensuring doors and other exits are secured. Immediately informing the line manager of any problems arising in the course of the work, particularly with regards to damage, loss, attempted break-ins or theft in the warehouse.

·       Ensuring that items to be quarantined (on-going quality alerts) or to be placed in quarantine zone (batch recalls, expired or damaged items or sampled items for quality test) are removed from the stock and safely locked.

·       Following up stock levels with regards to alarms thresholds, stock out, expiry dates and drugs to expire in the following 6 months. Preparing reports and passing it to the supervisor.



MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities
Receipt of goods:

·       Reception of goods from international and national orders.

·       Responsible for checking of the quantity and quality of goods received.

·       Use Goods Receiving Note & Unifield Incoing shipment  or trip invoice/packing list when receiving goods.

·       Inform the Warehouse supervisor Medical of any problems (missing, expired or damaged goods, etc.) using standard MSF tool (SMS).

·       Immediately after receptions of goods, update stock cards and/or create stock cards for all stock items and

·       Maintain stock card per batch number of each medical item

·       Check the cold box directly on reception and control the cold chain-monitoring card and feedback the supply department.


Stock management:

·       Set up and maintain a proper organisation of the storage area according to Pharmacy Protocol of family, storage procedures, and that all correctly stored, well protected, fully identified and easily accessible (cleanliness, security, access, etc.).

·       Ensures that all stock movements are recorded according to MSF purchase and supply procedures including batch and Expiry of each item.

·       Update and produce stock information- Monthly Medical Stock Report tool (MSR) with all relevant information including batch & expiry.

·       Manage all stock movement with Unifield system on timely manner to attain stock visibility

·       Keep a special control of “sensitive” goods numbers of lots, expiry dates, and packaging and special storage conditions.

·       Keep Narcotic and psychotropic items under secured and loched cupboard always

·       In conjunction with the supervisor, perform physical stock counts in accordance with the frequency previously defined.

·       Immediately inform the line manager of any problems arising in the course of the work, particularly with regard to damage, loss, attempted break-ins or theft in the warehouse

·       Reports monthly on potential ruptures and any items that will expire.

·       Keep items smapled by EFDA under Qurantine and update the sampling overview sheet as soon released obtained from EFDA.

·       Responsible for monitoring the store temperature and ensure Cold Chain items are stored in an adequate temperature as per the cold chain protocol.

·       Prepare of the medical stock report-using tool.



Sending of goods:

·       Prioritise sending according to field needs and order delivery limits.

·       Prepares stock requests on time. Before sending goods, ensuring good quality of packing material.

·       Definition of freight according to available transport means.

·       Pack (according to transport means), weigh and label freight (destination, number of shipping units, way bill number, weight and mode of transport) and assign a shipping number to each package, in accordance with the line manager’s instructions.

·       Ensure good quality of cold chain according to the cold chain policy.

·       Ensure correct documentation of sent good (stock cards, waybills, packing lists, logistics software (Unifield etc.)

HR management:

·       Train, coach, direct, lead and supervise Labourer.



·       Keep areas of storerooms and warehouses clean and tidy.

·       Report any incidents to supervisor (accidents, loss or damage of goods/equipment, existence of pests/Rodents of any kind, leakage, crack etc.)

·       Ensure proper fire safety equipment are in place in the warehouse.





Job Requirements


Education Qualified, Diploma or above in pharmacist technician/ Pharmaceuticals management. With “valid professional practicing license”. And COC Certificate


Experience •          Two years’ expérience Pharmaceutical stock management

•          Essential: Certified in Pharmacy

•       Desirable: training in warehouse/materials management

Languages Essential local language, desirable mission working language
Knowledge •       Essential computer literacy (word, excel and internet)
Competencies •          Results and Quality Orientation L1

•          Teamwork and Cooperation L1

•          Behavioural Flexibility L1

•          Commitment to MSF Principles L1

•          Service Orientation L1

•       Stress Management. L2


How to Apply

Application Instruction:


·       Interested applicants shall submit their non-returnable up-to-dated CV and application letter including photocopies of all supporting documents to the address given below: Apply via Ethiojobs (


Dear applicants: – Please Note that we only contact Short-listed candidates with the required documents allowed to attend further assessment.




Sincerity of Declarations and Documents Submitted to MSF



Use of false documents to gain employment with MSF will lead to automatic cancelation from the recruitment process and if found after employment it will lead to termination.





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