Nurse (Sebeta) – BGI Ethiopia Vacancy Announcement

Nurse (Sebeta) – BGI Ethiopia Vacancy Announcement, July 12 2023



Organization: BGI Ethiopia

Position: Nurse (Sebeta)

Location: Sebeta, Oromia

Employment: Full time

Date of Announcement: 07.07.2023

Deadline: Jul 13, 2023




Job Description

  •  Closely follow up with patients throughout the intake process
  •  Ask patients questions about current symptoms, medical histories, and medications.
  •  Conduct preliminary tests such as blood pressure and respiratory checks.
  • provide direct care to company’s patient employees, including administering medication or treatments.
  •  Change the dressing on a wound, apply topical treatments, or administer medication via intravenous methods or direct injection.
  •   follow up with company’s patient employees to determine whether courses of treatment are effective and assess patients during follow-up appointments.
  •   Ensure that facilities are clean and prevent the spread of disease by sanitizing and maintaining equipment.
  • Follow proper disposal procedures for potentially hazardous materials including needles and tubing and clean equipment that is used by company’s multiple patient employees within the facility.
  •  interact with company’s patient employees throughout the day and often liaise between patients, doctors, and patient representatives like family members.
  • Refer company’s patient employees to Hospitals those have an agreement with BGI Ethiopia.

Job Requirements

  •   Diploma/BSc in Nursing with 3 to 5 years of work experience
  •  Medical assessment
  •   Patient care
  • Timely risk assessments
  • Regularly educating employees about SHE

How to Apply

Qualified candidates should submit your application only through








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