Nurse Professional – Addis Cardiac Hospital Vacancy Announcement

Nurse Professional – Addis Cardiac Hospital Vacancy Announcement, February 10 2024



Organization: Addis Cardiac Hospital

Position: Nurse Professional

Location: Addis Ababa

Employment: Full time

Date of Announcement:

Deadline: February 16, 2024





Job Description


The employee performs a full range of nursing assignments and uses considerable independent judgment in making decisions requiring the interpretation and application of established methods and procedures to specific situations. Interpret and carry out orders, monitor and Supervise Patients.

Job Knowledge / Responsibilities:

General Duties

  •    Take vital sign and Record ECG
  • Instruct the patient when attaching, the proper use of R – test and 24h BP monitor.
  • Expected to prepare and provide health education at the reception site to waiting patient on selected topics by the hospital.
  • Strictly follow safety and infection control policies for clinical testing.
  • All critical lab values should promptly be communicated to the responsible physician.
  • Performs required preparation and sterilization of dressing and other material to be used in the clinic.
  • Correlates clinical information and/or previous lab results and reports discrepancies to the responsible physician.
  • Adheres to quality assurance and quality control steps in performing all procedures.
  • Write and updates nursing procedure under supervision as required.
  • Have a duty to interpret and carry out orders property.
  • Expected to know basic information in the proper use of drugs and procedures they are likely to be ordered to use.
  • All nursing care and procedures should be done as per the hospital SOP’s.
  • A physician must, however, make the order known to the nurse by putting it in the medical records or informing the nurse directly during emergency/ urgency but he must document it later.
  • When an order is ambiguous or apparently erroneous you have the responsibility to seek clarification and if the drug or procedure appears dangerous to the patient, you should decline to carry out the order and immediately notify the ordering physician.
  • In the unusual situation in which the explanation does not satisfy the appropriateness of the order, you have a responsibility to inform medical team designated by the hospital policy who can initiate review of the order and if necessary, other appropriate action.
  • You cannot assume that orders have remained from previous shifts, should check for changes in orders.
  • Expected to monitor patients and Cases should be handed over in organized manner for follow up.
  • Expected to distinguish abnormalities in the patient’s condition and determine whether nursing care is a sufficient response or whether a physician or others may be required.
  • You have a responsibility to inform the physician promptly of abnormalities that may require physician attention. The observations you make should be properly documented.
  • If the physician fails to respond appropriately when notified that a patient is in a dangerous situation, then you are confronted with the same situation as when the physician has not adequately explained an apparently to inform the nurse or department head, or medical team designated by the situation and if necessary, take other appropriate action.
  • The fact that you believe the physician will not respond does not justify failure to notify the physician and to take other action if the physician does not respond.
  • When you determine that a patient requires supervision, you have a duty to exercise appropriate judgment and provide appropriate supervision within the constraints of proper physician orders and available resources.
  • Shares call duty and works different shifts as required. Must be able to work extended hours when necessary.
  • Participate in patient’s satisfaction survey conducted by the hospital.
  • Keeps an adequate supply of working materials on hand.
  • Promotes and believes in hospital mission statement ለልብዎ ከልብ እንሠራለን.
  • Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.

Department: Nursing

Reports to:  Department heads (ICCU/Ward/OPD)

Accountable to: Matron


Job Requirements



  • Degree  in nursing from an accredited program

Licensure/ Certification

  • Licensed to practice in Ethiopia by FMHACA.
  • Current and active certification from the FMHACA in Clinical nursing


  • One year of recent clinical experience preferred for degree.

Systems Experience

  • Basic computer knowledge (Word and Excel).

How to Apply


Interested applicants should submit their CV to or in person to Addis Gemechu  at Addis Cardiac Center on the right side of the ring road from Bole Deldey to Bole Micahel in front of Ethiopian Airlines Cargo Facilities by no later than February 16, 2024





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