Health Assistant / Nurse – Hilltops Academy Vacancy Announcement

Health Assistant / Nurse – Hilltops Academy Vacancy Announcement, August 14 2023



Organization: Hilltops Academy

Position: Health Assistant / Nurse (ጤና ረዳት / ነርስ)

Location: Addis Ababa

Employment: Full Time

Date of Announcement: August 13 2023

Deadline: August 24 2023







Hilltops Academy is a vibrant school which reflects the diverse social, cultural and creative mix of our surrounding community. Children are well behaved with positive attitudes towards learning. There is a dedicated, talented team of staff who enjoys the challenge and success of developing all our children as self-disciplined, motivated learners capable of fulfilling their potentials.

The school is proud of its caring and friendly atmosphere. We have a genuine open-door policy where parents and careers are always welcome. We take pride in the fact that we are willing to examine and take part in projects which may benefit our children. Our creatived hard-working staff (team) give their time to a range of extracurricular and curriculum enriching activities. We are proud to describe ourselves as a multi-cultural, multi social and inclusive school, with children coming from our socially and culturally diverse community.


Job description



• Those who can register a change in their assigned professional field

• Can provide complete educational credentials and work experience

• Those who devote their full time to the teaching profession


Job Requirement


• Desired Qualifications: Graduated with a degree in Health Assistant or Nursing from a recognized health institute.

• Work experience: 3 years and above experience in the profession.

Quantity: 3

Salary : 15,000 – 20,000



How To Apply


We would like to inform you that applicants can apply in person with a handwritten application along with the original and a copy of their credentials up to 10 working days starting from the date of publication of the advertisement.

አድራሻችን ፡ ቤተል እሳት አደጋ አካባቢ አቢሲኒያ ባንክ ያለበት ህንፃ 1ኛ ፎቅ

(KG Division: – +251-922-22-63-50/ +251-993-52-64-01

Primary Division:- + 251- 925-34-00-99

Hilltops Knowledge Village: – +251-930-07- – 71-27

* 70538


For more information:

Telegram Channel: hilltopsjob







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