Grant by Palladium ; (RFA) – Support for local organizations to strengthen their capacity to become future providers of organizational development services to other organizations working in or focusing on the health sector in Ethiopia

(RFA)– Support for local organizations to strengthen their capacity to become future providers of organizational development services to other organizations working in or focusing on the health sector in Ethiopia; May 23 2023


Organization: Palladium

Deadline: May 30, 2023




Job Description

Palladium, under the U.S. Agency for International Development-funded program, NPI EXPAND (Cooperative Agreement Number 7200AA19CA00015), is seeking applications from select local organizations to compete for awards that will strengthen their capacity to become providers of organizational development services for civil society organizations implementing health programs. This grant opportunity will identify and select up to two capable local organizations for awards. The support will cover capacity assessment and strengthening as well as business planning and other activities to help the sub-awardees become successful providers of organizational development services.

NPI EXPAND is a global five-year cooperative agreement (October 2019-October 2024; 7200AA19CA00015) funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The NPI EXPAND activity is designed to increase the availability and use of health services by strengthening the technical and organizational capacity of new and underutilized partners (NUPs)1 in Ethiopia and supporting them to scale up health innovations. Strengthening the institutional and technical capacities of local organizations and ensuring they can successfully implement direct awards from USAID, other donors, and respective governments and, as relevant, secure funds from private sector sources (e.g., investors) will help countries progress toward a more sustainable and resilient health system. NPI EXPAND will support local organizations to address organizational and technical capacity challenges by using a combination of grant-making and systematic capacity development.

The scope of support for the local capacity strengthening service providers will be both inward- and outward-facing, encompassing internal capacity assessment and capacity strengthening interventions as well as market research and business planning. The project’s support will include an initial capacity assessment to identify gaps and strengths. Drawing from this information, the partner will co-produce a capacity strengthening action plan with the project. Selected partner(s) will be expected to deepen their understanding and practice of different capacity strengthening modalities in addition to or in place of training (e.g., mentoring/coaching, peer-to-peer exchange, collaborative learning) and other approaches grounded in principles of adult and experiential learning.

Project Results and Activities.

This opportunity relates primarily to NPI EXPAND’s first result area, “Organizational sustainability of new and underutilized local entities or locally established partners strengthened.” To address this result, NPI EXPAND implements a comprehensive capacity development program (see Figure 1). Facilitated capacity assessments help identify and prioritize the capacity needs of new and underutilized partners. Drawing upon the assessment findings, the project will support local partner organizations to develop an organizational transformation roadmap and implement tailored capacity strengthening interventions. Capacity development interventions will be tailored to the level of organizational maturity of the local organization. In most cases partner organizations will receive a baseline organizational capacity assessment (OCA) and an organizational performance index (OPI) assessment to inform their capacity strengthening plan. Organizations that have been identified as potential prime organizations will be assessed using a tool integrating items from USAID’s Non-U.S. Organization Pre-Award Survey (NUPAS). Guided by the principle of local ownership, NPI EXPAND will ensure that the local partner organization plays an active and effective role in all capacity development processes and activities.

Issuance Date: May 122023

Deadline for Questions: May 19, 2023;11:59pm EAT.

Applicant’s Conference: May 24, 2023 (Applicants will be notified of details)

Closing Date: May 30, 2023

Closing Time: 11:59pm EAT

CFDA Number: 7200AA19CA00015

RFA Number: RFA# 2 – 217773/ETH/ Support for local organizations to strengthen their capacity to provide organizational development services to other organizations in Ethiopia-Readvertisement

 For all information and packages regarding this Request for Applications please navigate to the link page below:

RFA — Annex C – Budget Narrative Template

RFA — Annex C – Budget Template

ETHEXPAND-OD-Applicationtemplate May 2023


How to Apply

All questions regarding this RFA should be submitted to with copy to and using the subject line “Capacity to strengthen capacity in Ethiopia” by 11:59pm EAT, May 19, 2023.

Palladium/NPI EXPAND requires that applications be submitted electronically (through e-mail) to with a copy to and; no later than May 30, 2023; 11:59pm EAT. When submitting applications, applicants should use the subject line “Capacity to strengthen capacity in Ethiopia.”





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