Field coordinator of STEPS Survey on Risk Factors for Non-Communicable Diseases, Ethiopian Public Health Institute Vacancy Announcement

Field coordinator of STEPS Survey on Risk Factors for Non-Communicable Diseases, Ethiopian Public Health Institute Vacancy Announcement; March 26 2024



Organization: Ethiopian Public Health Institute

Position: Field coordinator of STEPS Survey on Risk Factors for Non-Communicable Diseases

Location: Across the country

Employment: Contract

Salary: Birr 26,000.00

Date of Announcement: March 26 2024

Deadline: April 4, 2024





Job Description


Job Type: Full-time

Required number: Eight (8)

Duration: Three months

Location: Across the country

Reports to: Health System and Reproductive Health Research Directorate/EPHI


There has been a significant increase in the burden of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in sub-Saharan Africa over the past couple of decades. The burden is associated with increased incidence of risk factors such as unhealthy diets, reduced physical activity, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and air pollution. The adverse impact of NCDs is multifaceted as it affects the health, economic and social development of a country. Urgent attention is needed to work towards generating reliable epidemiological estimates of NCDs and their drivers to appropriately inform prevention and control strategies. Evidence on the magnitude and trends through time is an important input for developing and implementing feasible policies, strategies, and programs that help to achieve the SDG target of a one-third reduction in premature deaths from NCDs by 2030.

To achieve the SDG targets evidence needs to be generated on the implementation status of programs, strategies, and drivers and challenges that helps the government to monitor and evaluate various health intervention endeavors. WHO has developed a surveillance framework to identify the risk factors as a main pillar in the fight against NCDs by focusing on primary prevention through comprehensive, population-wide programs targeting the major risk factors.

The present study that is going to be conducted soon will highlight the magnitude of NCDs that will alert health workers and decision makers to take appropriate measures to strengthen the strategies, follow-up the prevention and control programs of NCDs, and track the progress of national targets. The study will also help to monitor the progress and trends of NCDs and their risk factors. To address the set agenda in HSTP,  the Ethiopian Public health Institute (EPHI) is getting ready to conduct nation-wide NCD STEPS survey. As our country is diverse and endowed with different languages, the data will be collected using local languages namely, Afarigna, Afan Oromo, Amharic, Sidamigna, Somaligna and Tigrigna. Therefore, the Ethiopian Public Health Institute is looking to hire field coordinator of NCD STEPS on contractual basis. 

Major duties and responsibilities:

.  Attend ToT to be provided by WHO senior experts & TWG of STEPS Survey and then provide training to the data collectors/interviewers under close supervision of TWG members;

.  Obtain supplies, and equipment necessary for respective teams carry-out their field work as per the schedule;

.  Contact local authorities to inform them about the survey and gain their cooperation;

.  Monitor data collectors/interviewers performance with the aim of improving and maintaining the quality of the data collected;

.  Coordination of all activities in assigned enumeration areas and ensure administrative and logistic issues appropriately addressed;

.  Supervise data collection to verify protocol is followed;

.  Address any challenges faced by field team;

.  Closely work with the HSRHRD team, central coordinator & central data mangers and administrative staff;

.  Must be of good health as the field work may demand extensive travel on rough roads;

.  Address challenges faced by field team;

.  Communicate problems faced to the central office for possible interventions;

.  Produce weekly progress reports and communicate to project PI and project coordinator at EPHI;

.  Produce final overall report on challenges and opportunity observed during the
field work;

.  Perform other relevant tasks as assigned HSRHR directorate.


Job Requirements


.  At least master degree in relevant discipline for public health;

.  Familiar with field work and experience in coordinating & managing community based health surveys;

.  Experience of using micro soft offices  and data collection using android tablet is a plus;

. Experience in delineating enumeration areas and listing households;

.  Speaking capability of local language is an asset;

.  A minimum of five years professional work experience.


How to Apply


Note  Interested applicants can register in Online through only   send their CVs and relevant documents at the address given below within 10 days from the first appearance of the announcement

Remarks: Please attach copies of transcripts, academic degree or recommendation letters together with the application. If not attached the copies you may be not short listed.





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