Emergency and Child Daycare Nurse, Ministry of Health – Ethiopia

Emergency and Child Daycare Nurse, Ministry of Health – Ethiopia; June 30 2023



Organization: Ministry of Health-Ethiopia

Position: Emergency and Child Daycare Nurse

Employment: Contract

Location: Addis Ababa

Date of Announcement: June 30 2023

Deadline: Jul 10, 2023




Job Description

Ministry of Health would like to invite competent applicants for the following positions.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • He is required to carry out his work in a manner that shows his professional conduct.
  • He must respect his working hours and be present at his workplace.
  • He should develop his knowledge and skills through training and develop up-to-date procedures.
  • Pregnant mothers, pregnant women, children, and disabled people are given special priority.
  • Ensures that customers can access the service when they encounter an emergency in the office.
  • Referrals when faced with circumstances beyond his control; He accompanies the ambulance as needed.
  • He is obliged to combine his first aid work with his childcare work and do both;
  • Provide counseling services to the family and/or parents on nutrition.
  • Provide first aid services for children in the daycare environment.
  • Follow up on the health of the child in the daycare environment.
  • Manage and administer different prescription medicines for the child.
  • Inform parents of any unique behavior in the child’s family.
  • Work in a team with caregivers.
  • Record detail information about the child in the daycare environment.
  • Perform any relevant activities

Reports to: Women & Social Affairs Inclusive EO

Term of Employment: contractual Basis

Salary:  Monthly salary 7071.00 ETB

Required Number: Two



To ensure the safety of every child in the daycare environment. It also aimed to make sure employees and customers are treated timely in case of emergencies and accidents.


Job Requirements

Educational background

  • BSc in Nursing or Public Health with 3 years

How to Apply

Interested and qualifying applicants are invited to submit their application indicating the Title of the Position, non-returnable CVs and copies of their educational and work experience credentials together with original documents to COMPETENCY AND HUMAN RESOURCE ADMINISTRATION EO, within 7 working days from the first date of announcement. Qualifying women are encouraged to apply. If you fail to follow the instructions, you will be disqualified from the competition! Female applicants are highly encouraged and preferable.








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