Deputy Medical Coordinator, Medicins Sans Frontiers – Holland Vacancy Announcement

Deputy Medical Coordinator, Medicins Sans Frontiers – Holland Vacancy Announcement; February 29 2024



Organization: Medicins Sans Frontiers – Holland

Position: Deputy Medical Coordinator

Location: Addis Ababa-with frequent travel to the field, Addis Ababa

Employment: Full time

Salary:  ETB 149,401

Date of Announcement:

Deadline: March 31, 2024





Job Description


Médecins Sans Frontières-Holland


Médecins Sans Frontières (also known as Doctors without Borders or MSF) is a private, non-profit, international humanitarian medical organization that intervenes in emergencies and crisis situations to relieve human suffering resulting from unmet medical needs. MSF observes strict neutrality with respect to politics and provides its assistance without discriminating on the basis of race, religion, ideology, or political affiliation. MSF’s members are required to respect humanitarian principles and principles of medical ethics at all times.


Main Purpose
Supporting the Medical Coordinator through delegated tasks and responsibilities including defining, leading and coordinating the entire medical scope of the mission, according to MSF protocols, standards, policies and values, in order to ensure the quality of the medical care given to the targeted population and thus improving their overall health and living conditions. Fully assuming the medical coordinator’s responsibilities in case of absence


·       Supporting the Medical Coordinator in defining, monitoring and updating the medical content of the MSF country policy and annual plan, by scanning health needs and translating them into objectives, priorities and resources needed in order to cover medical and humanitarian needs of the population at risk.

·       At the request of the Medical Coordinator, representing MSF before third parties concerning medical issues, ensuring its good public image and the alignment with the mission interests, through regular contacts with other actors in the country, negotiating with authorities when necessary, and informing on MSF charter, values and principles

·       Participating and contributing in the definition and update of the country policy, annual plan and budgets in order to develop the projects and programmes aimed at addressing humanitarian issues at stake ensuring its efficiency and quality ( i.e. moni-toring the project implementation, assisting the Project Coordinator and the medical teams in drafting the project proposal and follow up, identifying priority needs, other potential areas of action and emergency situations and collaborating and assisting in the production of medical reports)

·       Coaching, training and motivating the teams in the mission in order to align all field staff with MSF values and ethics, and ensuring their capability to carry out their job achieving MSF quality standards (i.e. induction, briefing/debriefing, training, potential detection, evaluation)

·       Collaborating, together with the logistics department and according to project needs, in the pharmacy management in order to ensure enough and quality supply of drugs and medical material (i.e. review of medical orders and monitoring of medicines consumption and stock levels of the different projects)

·       Assisting in defining and implementing the staff health and security policies for international and national staff in order to ensure its overall safety (i.e. monitors both physical and mental health state of staff, promotes compliance of all related proto-cols and procedures and collaborates in the update of issues regarding the security context)

·       Ensuring the Medical Coordination in the Mission and fully assuming the Medical Coordinator’s tasks and responsibilities in case of absence/gaps.

MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities

  1.  Medical Policy and Planning

·       Participates in the country specific program planning and developing project plans

·       Participates in development of the mission medical strategy while taking the lead at coordination level in supporting the development of project medical strategies and coordinate their implementation

·       Monitors and alerts the MedCo and Country Management Team (CMT) alarming health (medical, water and sanitation, nutrition etc.) needs that need consideration/prioritization

  1. Monitoring and Reporting:
  • Data Management: Ensures that data management system in delegated projects is in place and utilised, data capturing is prioritised, data is properly reviewed, analysed and interpreted correctly to inform programme direction; Flag to MedCo timely on any triggering changes/factors
  • Quality of Care: work together with the projects in quality indicators generation, medical incident reporting, activities implementation, monitoring and performance evaluation
  • Reporting: Provides support to delegated projects on scheduled and specific reporting (Concept Notes, Operational and Study Proposals, Activity Proposals, Monthly Medical Reports (MMR), Situation Reports (Sit-Reps), Assessment Reports, Intervention Reports, Evaluation Reports, Survey Reports, external periodic reports etc.) and timely give analytical feedback. Ensure all are generated objectively, timely and with necessary project teams contribution


  1. Technical Guidance:

·       Together with the medical team ensures the delegated projects’ implementation of medical protocols, pol-icies and guidelines with the support from necessary functional and specialised/technical referents in headquarters

·       Commit to giving technical medical guidance to project teams through all available means of communication utilised by the mission and through projects visits

·       Support the development of relevant mission level and project level SOPs that are in line with MSF protocols, policies and guidelines

·       Supports and encourage delegated projects utilise the telemedicine for patient care

·       With the support of specific specialised referents ensure that delegated projects design and implement quality of care and person-centred care (PCC) models

  1. Staff Health and Referrals:

·       Supervise the MedCo Support (Mission Staff Health Responsible) in ensuring that agreements are made with the Designated Medical Institutions (DMIs) at  mission level and projects level and remain relevant in addressing staff physical and mental health needs

·       Assist the Medical Coordinator in her/his responsibility for medical evacuations. Assume responsibility in his/her absence

·       Assist the MedCo Support in his/her support to the projects staff health responsible teams in implementation of the staff health policy and with referrals out of the project’s area of jurisdiction

·       In the absence of the Staff Health Responsible brief new staff on personal health and staff health policy and, debrief on the same on exit or departure

  1. Medical Supply and Logistics:
  • At mission level, in collaboration with Mission Pharmacy Manager and/or Pharmacy Coordinator, review medical supplies utilisation and projected needs through the Forecast Monthly Consumption (FMC) Tool, Total Stock Review (TSR) and Consumption Data Tool (CDT) and, support the project teams in the same
  • Through engaging the project medical teams, generate new ideas for best pharmacy and consump-tion/utilisation management. Promote quality recording, consumption & utilisation analysis and, reporting
  • Support the project medical teams in realising deviations, identify trends and flag for discussion
  • With the evolution of health needs and evidence-informed associated management introduce new medica-tion and materials with proper training of staff
  1. Human Resources Management:
  • Support revising and updating the job descriptions of the medical team and organogram
  • Participating in and assisting with trainings conducted by external facilitators
  • Support the learning and development of medical team including setting objectives and performance eval-uations


  1. Representation and Communication:
  • As delegated by MedCo represent MSF to local/national health authorities and relevant stakeholders
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with relevant organizations and authorities
  • Actively involved in national medical and nutrition working groups; with a view to influence national guidelines with MSF medical aspirations also, with a view to get updates on matters of importance
  • Give awareness of the successes and innovations achieved by MSF-OCA in and out of the country
  1. Liaison/links with other Departments and Counterparts
  • Works in close collaboration with the Deputy Head of Mission supporting the same delegated projects
  • Works in close cooperation with colleagues in the mission medical, logistics, supply, human resources and finance departments and actively participate in relevant office meetings and contribute accordingly
  • Regularly have scheduled meetings with the delegated project medical and operations teams
  • Regularly have meetings with the MedCo: share challenges and priorities. Brainstorms on solutions and actively solicits advice and guidance as needed
  • Actively participate in the meetings with the Health Advisor and Health Programmes Manager and when invited in the Country and HQ level Medical-Operations meeting
  • Contribute to advocacy initiatives, strategies and plans
  1. Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPP/EPreP)
  • Support the project medical teams in identifying project area emergencies, plan for them, prepare, respond accordingly and flag for mission level support/intervention
  • Actively participate in the mission level emergency preparedness and response including field visits
  1. Project Gaps Cover
  • On potential and encountered delegated projects’ medical teams gap, explore together with the medical team leader on gap fillers identification and propose from other projects or mission
  • Where needed cover the medical team leader gaps but, first support identification from among the project and mission medical team members


·       Number of Position:  One

·       Place of work:     Addis Ababa(with frequent travel to the field)

·       Terms of employment:  One Year with possibility of extension

·       Activity Rate :   100%

·       Remuneration and Benefits:

–          Starting gross salary/month:149,401.00 ETB

Medical Coverage : as per organizational scale


Job Requirements


Education Essential: Degree in medicine or other paramedical studies.

Desirable: Training in tropical medicine or Public Health will be an asset


Experience Essential: 5 years’ experience in relevant jobs, in MSF or other NGO’s in developing countries. International experience is an asset.

Essential: Emergency Response Coordination

Desirable: Research and Development and Surveys


Languages Mission language essential (English ) ,  Amharic desirable


Knowledge Essential: computer literacy (word, excel and internet)

Essential: Key international and global public health issues and clinical topics relevant to MSF (e.g., HIV, Malaria, Cholera, Kala Azar, Snakebite)

Desirable: Operational Research and Development and conducting Surveys


Competencies •       Strategic Vision L2

•       Leadership L2

•       People Management and Development L3

•       Results and Quality Orientation L3

•       Teamwork and Cooperation L4

•       Analytical Thinking L3

•       Networking & Building Relationships L3


Technical Skills
•       Clinical Skills L3

•       Assessment and Planning Skills L3

•       Medical Stock Management and Pharmacy L3

•       Quality Assurance Skills L3

•       Data Management Skills L3

•       Human Resource Management Skills L2

•       Representation Skills L3



How to Apply


Interested applicants shall submit their non-returnable up to date CV and application letter including photocopies of all supporting documents to the address given below:

Please note that we only contact short-listed candidates with the required documents allowed to attend further assessment.

Sincerity of Declarations and Documents Submitted to MSF

Use of false documents to gain employment with MSF will lead to automatic cancelation from the recruitment process and if found after employment it will lead to termination.

Female Candidates are highly encouraged to apply


 Application Site


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