Community Activity Officer – Doctors with Africa CUAMM Vacancy Announcement

Community Activity Officer – Doctors with Africa CUAMM Vacancy Announcement, October 2 2023



Organization: Doctors with Africa CUAMM

Position: Community Activity Officer

Location: Gambela

Employment: Contract

Salary: Basic Salary 15,000-22,000 depending on academic level and experience

Deadline: October 9, 2023





Job Description


·       Ensure the implementation of community based project activities as per the project time table and schedule

·       Plan and implement community outreach activities in collaboration with the Field officers and Clinical Team leader.

·       Work with the field office in the planning, organizing and conducting capacity building training and meetings for Community Outreach Agents (COAs).

·       provide on job training for COAs, Collect and compiles COA activities.

·       Jointly with COA track ANC, EPI, TB and HIV defaulter in the catchment area and link them back to the service.

·       Supervise Home visit activities by COAs and directly engage with home visit activities.

·       Organize hygiene sanitation campaigns in the respective catchment area.

·       Engage in active case surveillance and conduct a home visits whenever suspected and confirmed disease under surveillance reported.

·       Actively participate in the community level mass treatment campaign and immunization campaigns

·       Maintain appropriate communication and integrate activities with other public health actors in the camp.

·       Actively participate in the implementation of Health education sessions and awareness campaigns in the community.

·       Ensure all documentations, reports and records properly filled and organized and documented in the office

·       Select and coach the community outreach agents according to the Interagency guideline.

·       Communicate with other partners working in the area and represent CUAMM during meetings & workshops at camp level whenever assigned to do so.

·       Work on other duties, responsibilities and assignments you might be given by your supervisor.

·       Assist in any other tasks when requested by Project Manager or Field Officer.


Job Requirements


·        BSc Degree in Public Health or Nursing with a preferable minimum of four years’ experience in facilitating a public health activity at the community level.

·        Two-year experience directly related to HEP or community based public health activities.

·        Communication and interpersonal skill

·        Experience managing and developing a high performing team, with the ability to lead and motivate others.

·        Fluency in English and ability to narrate report and history as well as having a computer skill

·        Able to interact and (manage) people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

·        Speaking local languages will have an added value


How to Apply


Candidates who meet the above requirements are encouraged to apply by filling Ethiojobs Platform accurately; be aware that the first selection (Longlist) will be made based on the information provided by the candidate on the platform.

Please also upload a CV/cover letter and relevant supporting Documents (Degree and work Certificate) no later than Monday, October 09, 2023.


The selection process is based on non-discrimination criteria and candidates are taken into consideration without distinction of ethnicity, gender, political orientation, religion, personal opinions, or sexual orientation.

Doctors with Africa CUAMM does not tolerate any abuse, exploitation or violence against vulnerable children and adults, nor other behavior that does not respect the human dignity of its own staff, partner staff or other staff associated with the NGO. All selected candidates will be expected to adhere to the mission and values of the organization, non-discrimination policies and safeguarding principles.’









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