American Heart Association (AHA) resuscitation training

American Heart Association (AHA) hybrid resuscitation training, April 17 2023








Are you a medical expert interested in earning your certification in Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) or Pediatrics Advanced Life Support (PALS) from the American Heart Association (AHA)?

Are you trying to find ways to sharpen your resuscitation abilities?

Are you a health professional interested in participating in teaching AHA courses to students by becoming an independent AHA Instructor?

Are you a hospital/association/organization member who want to become an AHA Training site?

We are pleased to announce that we are celebrating our two year anniversary since we established the first and only official American Heart Association International Training Center in Ethiopia.

Established with the goal of improving cardiovascular care through training, technology and public awareness, Ethiopian Resusciation Training (ERT) has trained and certified 3000+ health professionals, 1000+ community members, 40+ AHA Instructors and have 7 AHA Training sites in Ethiopia.

In order to accommodate your busy schedule, we offer both in-person and online hybrid class options. We train with high fidelity AHA standard equipment, have highly skilled Instructors and provide you with an official AHA eCard valid for two years.

Contact us and get your AHA certifications!


Training details

We are currently offering online hybrid classes for individuals interested in obtaining BLS, ACLS, or PALS certification. Please note the following steps to obtain certification:

1) Watch videos and take written exam online
After indicating which classes you would like to take, you will be sent online login information so you can watch the videos and take the Provider exam online. You will be issued a CE certificate (NOT your official AHA certification) at the end of the online portion. You will need a good internet connection to watch the videos online.
2) Request a skills session
Once you have finished your online class, please email to schedule a skills session. You will practice and test on skills during your skills session. Skills sessions are conducted at Genet Weldeyohans Building in Kazanchis (across the street from Radisson Blu). BLS skills sessions take 30 minutes, while ACLS and PALS skills sessions can take an hour or slightly longer. We will work with you to schedule a time and date that works best for you.
Upon arriving to your skills session you must submit payment for your course:
BLS price is 600 birr (300 birr when combined with ACLS or PALS)
ACLS or PALS price is 1200 birr
BLS+ACLS+PALS price is 2500 birr
No student who does not present cash payment upon arrival at their skills session will be allowed to perform a skills session.
3) Receive your certification
You will be sent your AHA eCard certification within 8 hours of completing your skills session. AHA certifications are now digital, and your official AHA eCard certification (good for 2-years) will be sent to you via email and can be downloaded as a PDF.


How to register

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