Madda Walabu University Vacancy Announcement


Madda Walabu University Vacancy Announcement, February 6 2024



Organization: Madda Walabu University


Location: Bale Robe

Date of Announcement: February 5 2024

Deadline: February 16 2024





Madda Walabu University, one of the public universities in Ethiopia, was established in 2006. The university is located in Bale Zone, in the town of Robe, about 430 km (270 mi) from the capital city, Addis Ababa. The university has several undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Madda Walabu University want to compete and hire several professionals for the vacancy positions below. The university want to compete and hire teaching staff on the vacancy positions below. Employment for all vacancy positions is unspecified and salary is based on government scale. Interested and qualified professionals who fulfill the minimum requirements can apply in person at the address specified in the how to apply section.


Vacancy Summary


Orginization: Madda Walabu University


Experience: Vary ( 0 year – 4 years)

Location: Madda Walabu University

Date of Announcement: February 5 2024

Deadline: February 16 2024

Professionals needed:-

(Health Professionals)

– 9 Medical doctor (General practitioner)

– 1 Pediatrics and child health specialist

– 1 MSc in Pharmaceutical analysis

– 1 MSc in Pharmaceutics

– 1 MSc in Pharmacognocy

– 1 PHD in Medical Microbiology

– 1 MSc in Molecular Biology

– 1 MSc in Immunology

– 1 MSc in Laboratory Management and Quality Assurance

– 1 BSc in Medical Laboratory Science

– 1 MSc and above in emergency and critical care with nursing background

– 1 MSc and above in Pediatrics And Child Health Nursing

– 1 BSc in Nursing

– 1 MSc and above in Clinical Midwifery


Vacancy Details and How to Apply






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