Medical Microbiologist – Bethzatha General Hospital Vacancy Announcement

March 11, 2023


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Bethzatha General Hospital Vacancy Announcement, March 12, 2023





Job Overview

Organization: Bethzatha General Hospital

Position: Medical Microbiologist


Location:  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Experience Level: Junior (2 years)

Number of Positions: 

Salary: Per the company scale

Date of Announcement: March 5, 2023

Deadline: March 14, 2023



Bethzatha is a private limited company established in the year 1996 to provide health care services in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Bethzatha started its service in 1996 with a higher clinic around Olympia Square (Kirkos Sub City) and a free standing laboratory in Ambassador Theatre building. In 2003 Bethzatha established a 60 bed general hospital at Stadium area providing inpatient and outpatient services in several specialties. For over the past five years the general hospital has been giving medical care to over 100,000 patients per annum.


Job Requirements

  • Educational: MSC in Medical Microbiology or Laboratory
  • Work Experience: Minimum of 2 years experience

How to Apply

  • Registration Place: Bethzatha General Hospital (Near Addis Ababa Stadium) Administration Building Secretary Office.
  • Applicants should submit a photocopy of their education and work experience along with a copy of the CV (non-returnable)
  • Registration date for 8 consecutive working days from the date of this announcement:
  • Phone No. 011-553-59-80/011-551-13-55



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