Lecturer – Saint Lideta Health Science and Business College (Adult Nursing/ Medical Surgical Nursing)

Lecturer – Saint Lideta Health Science and Business College (Adult Nursing/ Medical Surgical Nursing); February 28 2024



Organization: Saint Lideta Health Science and Business College

Position: Lecturer

Location: Addis Ababa

Employment: Full Time

Date of Announcement: February 25, 2024

Deadline: March 4, 2024





Job Requirement


• Qualification/ academic rank: Lecturer in Nursing

• Background & Requirements: BSc in Nursing & MSc in Adult Nursing (Medical Surgical Nursing)

• Experience: 2 years of experience and being HDP certified is preferable


How To Apply



• Applicant should have a minimum of CGPA of 3.25 for male & 3.00 for female in their BSC/ BPha Degree and for second (masters degree)

applicants should have minimum of CGPA of 3.5

• Applicants with very good result in thesis are preferred whereas; at least

applicants should have good result for thesis.

• Applicants should have leave, clearance and if they have been working at private sector recently, they should attach tax payers letter from revenue office

• Applicants are expected to submit full CV, first degree & second degree temporary or original degree certificate with transcript and all academic and work experience credentials copies through email address of: st.lidetahsbc@gmail.com

• Minimum academic rank is required to be selected and if applicants have high position than required, they are also eligible for the application.

• For Assistant Lecturer Position; the role would be pharmaceutical laboratory assistance and has expected to teach pharmaceutical laboratory (Integrated Physical Pharmacy and pharmaceutics (IPP Lab), Pharmacognocy Lab, pharmaceutical analysis lab and Industrial Pharmacy lab)

• The college has the right to cancel to vacancy if it has better option.



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