IYCF Officer, Save the Children Vacancy Announcement

IYCF Officer, Save the Children Vacancy Announcement; July 26 2023




Organization: Save the Children

Position: IYCF Officer

Employment: Full time

Location: Mustahil/Fer-Fer, Somali

Deadline: Aug 2, 2023




Job Description

Child Safeguarding:

Level 3:  The responsibilities of the post may require the post holder to have regular contact with or access to children or young people.


The IYCF officer has the responsibility to ensure high quality IYCF activities, closely coordinated an integrated with CMAM program run by SCI in the same Woredas. The IYCF Officer ensures activities fit within the framework of the National Nutrition Program and ensures good relations with local stakeholders and partner in the operational area.


Reports to: CMAM Officer

Dimensions: Save the Children works in – regions in Ethiopia with a current staff complement of approximately – staff and current expenditure of approximately $90+ million each year.

Staff Directly Reporting to this Post: N/A

Dotted line relationship– Nutrition Team

Functional relationship– Woreda CMAM Officer


Job specific roles and responsibilities

  • The incumbent will be expected to ensure that all caretakers of the beneficiaries at the distribution sites OTP and TSFP have get the IYCF counselling by the health extension workers of each program.
  • Accomplish project site activities and supporting of community-based groups – HDAs, mother support groups, local committees, etc.
  • Participate in providing IYCF technical support to Woredas, SCI and partners CMAM and IYCF staff.
  • Ensure that all staff understand and implement the IYCF program guidelines.
  • Ensure appropriate and consistent education messaging to mothers (at PHC, Hospitals, HCs and community levels).
  • Advise the best feeding options/ practices and follow ups as appropriate.
  • Participate in the development of mother support groups and mother-baby areas.
  • Participate in developing regular work plans for the HWS, HEWs, CMAM officer, HDAs, mother support etc.
  • Spot and address appropriately the violations of the code of marketing of breast-milk substitutes and violations of the MOH guidelines.
  • The position holder will be expected ensures the availability of teaching aid and IEC materials for program implementation.
  • Act as an effective member in promoting, supporting and protecting IYCF practices (give IYCF awareness sessions and IYCF individual counselling sessions as necessary).
  • Give support to CMAM team members as necessary. Ensure that IYCF tools are properly utilized and documented; prepare IYCF reports regularly and submit to project coordinators.
  • Link between CMAM team and IYCF team (such as promoting excellent communication and referral between IYCF counsellor, IYCF educator and CMAM).
  • Assist in the development and review of educational material (IEC /BCC).
  • Prepare training materials and conduct IYCF trainings when necessary.
  • With support from M & E officer, make sure all IYCF records are regularly filled and submitted (awareness sessions, database of counselled cases, etc.)
  • Liaise with ZHO, WHO,  and Health facilities and ensure the quality of  IYCF/Nutrition  capacity building activities are technically sound, aligned with proposed  implementation plan and adhere  to standard guidelines;
  • Provide mothers with practical advice on correct attachment and positioning when   breastfeeding, timely introduction of complementary foods and respond to any concerns or local taboos associated with IYCF.
  • Upholds the image and values of SC at all times.
  • Assure the availability of IYCF training and counselling materials prior to any training.
  • Support community assessments related to CMAM & IYCF and strengthen capacity of various health, agriculture, and other sectors’ front line workers to improve the quality of nutrition intervention.
  • Along with other SCI & partner staffs, conduct regular follow up site visits to provide support quality implementation, and document field all through submission of complete, accurate and timely feedback reports.
  • Ensure IYCF indicator well captured and adhere to the national protocol guideline by CMAM team.
  • Make sure that Mothers are counselled with the resource available at HH and proper understand.
  • Make sure that Mother who need special counselling are identified, linked and followed well for behaviour change.
  • Support the mothers suffering from insufficient milk production with advice on re-lactation.
  • Perform other extra duties as required


  • Ensure monthly reporting systems are implemented in the satellite office. Support etc.
  • Implementation, and document field all through submission of complete, accurate and timely feedback reports

SKILLS AND BEHAVIOURS (our Values in Practice)


  • Holds self-accountable for making decisions, managing resources efficiently, achieving and role modelling Save the Children values.
  • Holds the team and partners accountable to deliver on their responsibilities – giving them the freedom to deliver in the best way they see fit, providing the necessary capacity to improve performance and applying appropriate measures when results are not achieved.


  • Sets ambitious and challenging goals for himself/herself (and their team).
  • Takes responsibility for his/her own personal actions and encourages others to do the same.
  • Widely shares his/her personal vision for Save the Children, engages and motivates others.
  • Future-orientated, thinks strategically.


  • Builds and maintains effective relationships, his/her team, colleagues, members and external partners and supporters.
  • Values diversity sees it as a source of competitive strength.
  • Approachable, good listener, easy to talk to.


  • Develops and encourages new and innovative solutions.
  • Willing to take disciplined risk.


  • Honest, encourages openness and transparency.

Job Requirements


  • Bachelor’s or equivalent degree in Human Nutrition, Midwifery, Public Health, or similar fields.
  • Minimum 4 years’ field experience in humanitarian work, including significant experience in managing CMAM & IYCF programs.
  • Substantial experience of community-based nutrition projects.
  • Demonstrated ability for leadership and independent decision-making.
  •  Strong interpersonal skills & excellent team player.
  • Willingness and ability to work in hardship environment.
  •  Cultural and gender sensitivity.
  •  Knowledge of the local language is Mandatory.

Other requirements

Additional job responsibilities: The duties and responsibilities as set out above are not exhaustive and the role holder may be required to carry out additional duties within the reasonableness of their level of skills and experience.


How to Apply

Please attach a copy of your CV and cover letter with your application, and include details of your current remuneration and salary expectations.

Use the below link to apply :


We need to keep children safe so our selection process, which includes rigorous background checks, reflects our commitment to the protection of children from abuse.

All employees are expected to carry out their duties in accordance with our global anti-harassment policy.







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