Internist – Mati Specialty Center Vacancy Announcement

Internist – Mati Specialty Center Vacancy Announcement, March 11 2024



Organization: Mati Specialty Center

Position: Internist

Location: Jimma, Oromia

Employment: Full time

Deadline: Mar 21, 2024






Job Description


A skilled Internist should provide accurate diagnoses and effective treatments to your practice or facility’s patients. Their primary responsibility is to deliver quality patient care by completing the following duties:

  • Discussing patient medical histories and symptoms
  • Conducting thorough physical examinations
  •  Ordering bloodwork, imaging and other tests
  • Making diagnoses by analyzing data
  •  Prescribing medications, treatments and lifestyle changes

Job Requirements




  • Degree in Health Care
  • 2 years experience

How to Apply

Interested and qualified applicants can apply through- email
         or At Jimma office
for apply if any confusion,
calls 0911749033
         or 0472110111


Application Email


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