Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Officer – Hilina Enriched Foods PLC Vacancy Announcement

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Officer – Hilina Enriched Foods PLC Vacancy Announcement, July 10 2023



Organization: Hilina Enriched Foods PLC

Position: Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Officer

Location: Legetafo, Oromia

Employment: Full time

Date of Announcement: July 7 2023

Deadline: July 17 2023




Job Description

Job Summary

Under the supervision of the deputy manager of the department monitor the overall hygienic activities of the organization. Use knowledge of sanitation procedures to eliminate all possible sources of infestation or unsanitary conditions. Improve the hygiene and sanitation practices of the company. Ensure the implementation of Company’s Occuapational Health and Safety guideline. Improve the Company’s Occupational health and safety Practices.

Duties and Responsibilities

1.         Conduct daily inspections on hygiene and sanitation conditions of all areas such as; production, storage areas and compounds etc.

2.         Develop, implement and Conduct daily inspections and hygiene control system of every employee.

3.         Inspect all areas of the facility, identify areas of concern and recommend necessary corrective action.

4.         Inspect the effective implementation of relevant Prerequisite programs as per the up to date ISO/TS22002-1

5.         Evaluate, Identify and report structural deficiencies in the food operation system

6.         Manage and maintain cleaning and sanitation and documentation and records.

7.         Conduct internal audits to ensure compliance with regulatory laws.

8.         Manage and maintain a satisfactory waste disposal system.

9.         Develop and review cleaning schedules, and implement these along with other departments.

10.       Ensure that Implement Good Manufacturing Practices is maintained.

11.       Ensure that all employees are aware of their individual responsibilities in maintaining a clean and sanitary food production environment.

12.       Provide guidance on the sanitary design of the facility, equipment and grounds.

13.       Collaborate with HR and make sure that employees have medical examination on the scheduled program.

14.       Participate in company’s environmental continuous improvement initiatives.

15.       Ensure the implementation of  Company’s Occuapational Health and Safety guideline

16.       Ensure that environmental management system is maintained.

17.       Ensure that Food Safety Management System is maintained and respected at all time.

18.       Ensure compliance with the relevant requirements of local, national and international laws related to environmental standards and end client’s environmental requirements.

19.       Recognize and aim for continuous improvement on protection and preservation of the environment with a focus on reducing resource consumption, recycling, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, no net deforestation)  as well as innovation to reduce environmental impact.

20.       Determine environmental aspects and impacts and devise methods to prevent or reduce these environmental impacts.

21.       Retain a list of chemicals used and control them as per their material safety data sheet, legal and client requirements. Also properly handle and manage hazardous materials and wastes.

22.       Use the 3R + 1R rule (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink) to avoid or minimize discharges to water, emissions to air and disposal to land.

23.        Ensure sustainably use the natural resources such as water, raw materials, energy and other resources. And also accurately measure and monitor consumption (usage and waste performances) of key utilities and natural resources that follow recognized protocols or standards.

24.        Implement, document, maintain and continually improve the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015).

25.       Report problems related to FSMS to Deputy Quality department Manager.

26.       Perform other related duties as assigned by the immediate line manager.


Job Requirements

Education:   Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science/ Environmental Health or Sanitary Science.

Experience:  2 years work Experience in the Food manufacturing industry, Knowledge of HACCP and ISO 22000 preferred


How to Apply

We invite all candidates meeting the required qualifications to send (i) a cover letter, (ii) CV (maximum 3 pages) via Ethiojobs Or apply in person to the following address:

Hilina Enriched Foods PLC

T: +251 116 679041/42

F: +251 116 675019

P.O.Box: 1648 CODE 1110

Legetafoo, Legedadi

Oromia, Ethiopia

E: jobs@hilinafoodseth.com

Web: www.hilinafoodesth.com

                                                           We avail transport service

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