Data encoders and trainers for pharmacy inventory management system – Alephtav Consultancy and Trading PLC Vacancy Announcement

Data encoders and trainers for pharmacy inventory management system – Alephtav Consultancy and Trading PLC Vacancy Announcement, September 10 2023



Organization: Alephtav Consultancy and Trading PLC

Position: Data encoders and trainers for pharmacy inventory management system

Location: Addis Ababa

Employment: Contract

Deadline: September 18 2023





Job Description


System Training:

  • Conducting comprehensive training sessions on the inventory management system Alephtav has developed for pharmacy staff members.
  • Familiarize trainees with the system’s features, functionalities, and workflows. This includes teaching them how to navigate the system, perform data entry, manage inventory, generate reports, and utilize any specialized features specific to the pharmacy’s needs.
  • Ensure that pharmacy staff members are proficient in using the system effectively and efficiently.  training pharmacy personnel on the inventory management system and providing ongoing support.
  • Trainers conduct training sessions in various formats, such as in-person sessions, virtual sessions, or a combination of both.
  • Employ effective instructional techniques, including demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and interactive discussions, to facilitate trainees’ understanding and application of the inventory management system.
  • Tailor the training sessions to meet the specific needs of the pharmacy.
  • Consider the pharmacy’s workflows, inventory management practices, and any unique requirements when delivering the training.

Troubleshooting and Support:

  • Provide ongoing support to pharmacy staff members following the initial training.
  • Address questions, clarify doubts, and troubleshoot any issues or challenges that arise during the implementation and use of the inventory management system.

 Collaboration with IT:

  • Ensure smooth implementation, system integration, and timely resolution of technical issues.
  • Provide feedback and insights to the IT team and vendors to improve the usability and functionality of the inventory management system.

Data Verification:

  •  Verify the accuracy of data entries to ensure the correct medication, dosage, and instructions are recorded.
  • Ensure that all necessary information is obtained accurately before entering it into the system.
  • Ensure that inventory records are updated in real-time, reflecting accurate stock counts, expiration dates, lot numbers, and other relevant information.
  •  Conduct regular audits or spot checks of data entries performed by pharmacists to identify any errors or issues that need to be addressed.

Data Entry:

  • Accurately and efficiently enter pharmaceutical data into relevant software systems or databases. This includes entering prescription details, patient information, drug inventory data, billing information, and other relevant data points.
  • Conduct inventory of the pharmacy during data entry.

Pharmacy Knowledge:

Familiarity with pharmaceutical terminology, drug names, dosage forms, and medical abbreviations is beneficial. A basic understanding of pharmacy operations and processes helps data encoders effectively handle pharmaceutical data.

Computer Proficiency:

Proficiency in using computer systems and software applications relevant to data encoding is necessary. Candidates should be comfortable working with spreadsheet software (e.g., Microsoft Excel) and have a good understanding of database management.

Typing Skills:

Candidates should be able to type accurately and quickly to meet productivity requirements.


Job Requirements


Required Number: 10

Employment type: Contractual for 1 Month with possibility of extension

  • Bachelor’s degree or diploma in pharmacy, druggist, health sciences, medicine, logistics and supply chain management or a related field.
  • Fresh graduate or above experience in pharmacy, hospital, supply chain, sales, familiarity with pharmacy management software, and data encoding.
  • Strong knowledge of training processes and procedures.
  • Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong analytical and decision-making skills.
  • Proficiency in Inventory software system, sales, Microsoft Office, and Data Encoding/Entry Tools.

How to Apply


  • Please apply through this link

N.B: Signup and build your personal profile into Alephtav career portal.







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